By: Renie Cavallari

There is no doubt about it: when you enjoy your work, you do a better job. Everyone is more productive when they feel happy. Because profitability reflects productivity, finding ways to have fun matters. While the impact of engagement isn’t anything new, it still can be tricky imagining ways to break the routine, especially when trying to connect the fun you have with what’s special and unique about your brand or property.

Actually, it isn’t that hard if you think about what makes anything fun: clarity (knowing how to play) and participation (the more people who play, the more fun you’ll have). The trick is to balance fun with respect for your business’ culture and the need to get things done. You want the fun you have to bring the mission of your organization to life and create an emotional connection with the people who experience it.

La Quinta Inns & Suites took having fun to a whole new level at their annual conference this year, when they broke 3 Guinness World Records in a smooth 90-minutes… that’s efficient fun! La Quinta’s people have a history of fun times together…you’ll definitely crack a smile watching 850 of their associates (one for each property) break the record for human Mattress Dominoes at their 2012 conference.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games! La Quinta’s track record for fun aligns with a customer experience and brand promise that they have worked hard to deliver. Since launching their brand-wide “Here For You” consumer promise in 2010, La Quinta has watched its reputation and engagement grow to unprecedented levels.

After just two years of implementing their “Here For You” promise, La Quinta ranked second in the 2012 Forrester Customer Experience Index, seeing high scores in both guest satisfaction and employee engagement, and they continue to receive high rankings today. “We believe the connection between these two studies is undeniable,” said La Quinta’s President and CEO Wayne Goldberg in 2012. “Happy employees produce better customer experiences.”

When it comes to business (or life, for that matter), there are two clear perspectives around achieving anything; there are those who focus on why things “can’t be done” and those who focus on how to “get things done.” Making work fun allows you to leverage positivity and connection within your team and get more done. Connection is at the heart of synergizing your team, and it ignites creativity, alignment, and improves communication.

To help you bring fun to the forefront, Aspire is declaring a national holiday…

What is National Fun Week?

Fun is a mindset-not a committee. It is a perspective you choose. My father always used to say, “In life, you have to bring your good time with you.” With that in mind, it’s time to turn up the fun and be the inspiration for joy this week at your property or home office. We made it National Fun Week to remind you that every day is an opportunity to have fun and engage.

How Do You Celebrate?

To help you turn up the fun factor, Hotel Online is joining Aspire to host a friendly, FUN video competition. The winning organization will receive a free 1-day leadership team building session with me for up to 30 people. That’s right, I said FREE!

Now, are you ready to have some fun?


Step 2: Upload or save your video so you’re able to share it with us.

Step 3: Register your entry on Aspire’s website any time before the contest closes.

Step 4: Submit a link to your video entry when you register, or upload directly to our submission form online.

To show you just how easy it is, we put together a fun-filled video exclusively for Hotel Online. Check it out…

Aspire shot our video in 1 DAY on our cell phones, then cut it together in Apple’s free video editing program, iMovie (Windows users can try Movie Maker). If we did it, so can you!

  • Here are a few more FUN ideas to get you thinking:
  • Pick a song with your team, whatever song you feel best represents your spirit. It can be something from the past or present, or you can make it up!
  • The people in the video don’t just have to be from your own department, or even your own organization! Who can you engage on your mission to have fun?!
  • Engagement is fun. So are happy employees and happy customers.
  • Bonus points for epic moves!

Think of fun as daily doses of joy to keep your engagement meter high. Make time for fun that respects your culture and brings a smile to your team members’ faces-and your guests’! I’m smiling already…

Fun is a mindset. Try it on.