Free eBook from Milestone: The 6 Digital Marketing trends that will matter in 2018

Santa Clara, CA | February 7, 2018: Milestone announced today that it is making available its 2018 eBook titled: 6 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS THAT WILL MATTER IN 2018. In this free eBook, Milestone lays out the six major technology and digital marketing trends that will be critical to hoteliers worldwide in the ever changing world of digital marketing. The key trends included in the report are:


The role of mobile in 2018 From mobile-first experiences to new technologies, a more interactive “app-like” experience will force marketers to rethink their website designs and how they approach the mobile consumer.

Content alignment with the customer journey Content is king – and while 2018 won’t change that, marketers will have new ways of developing, sharing and providing content to consumers during 2018.

The changing SEO landscape of 2018 SEO will include an even greater focus on user experience, coupled with evolving search technologies and new ways of interacting with consumers.

Personalization in paid media Paid media will be key in 2018, and personalization and segmentation of campaigns will be critical regardless of the size of your business.

Direct revenue will matter even more In 2018 you will be able to make drive your margins up by boosting the business you drive through your website, rather than through affiliates like OTAs. This means new technologies and new strategies.

Omni channel everywhere Focusing you marketing in an omni channel approach means reaching more possible clients, more effectively. In 2018 your omni channel strategy will need to become more sophisticated, that means strategy & content calendars and constant measurement.

As hoteliers, retailers and financial services companies prepare for 2018, creating a roadmap for digital marketing will be key to success. Download our free eBook today to help you get started: