Park City, UT, November 5, 2020- Five-Star Park City hotel, Stein Eriksen Lodge, partnered with GCommerce to run digital marketing efforts during COVID-19 to maintain brand awareness in key markets in order to secure market share upon reopenings.

Being aware that the Stein Eriksen Lodge name and brand would still have interest for online searchers even during their pandemic closure, GCommerce kept the “lights on” with paid search brand and name terms to ensure searchers would find Stein Eriksen Lodge’s website when thinking of future stays and vacations throughout the Spring of 2020.

“Nobody knew what to expect when the COVID-19 pandemic shut the ski resorts in March. But, with GCommerce’s guidance and laser-focus on data, we were able to successfully re-open and experience a better summer than we could have hoped at Stein Eriksen Lodge,” stated Guy Morris, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Stein Eriksen Lodge. “Being agile and responsive to our particular needs as a 5-star hotel and spa makes GCommerce an invaluable digital marketing partner on our team.”

During the months of the shutdown, Stein Eriksen Lodge’s paid search traffic converted at 1.06% vs 0.43% compared to paid search traffic in January and February of 2020 – a 146% variance. To view the full case study, click here.

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