Certification paves way for full range of Enseo GPNS services

Richardson, TX, – February 18, 2016 – Enseo, the fastest growing hospitality integrator, announced today it has received Marriott's Global Property Network System (GPNS) High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) certification and is now able to provide GPNS HSIA services to Marriott properties.

In addition to providing HDTV and Digital Signage, Enseo is now certified to provide the full range of Marriott GPNS services including guest HSIA, public space Wi-Fi, back office support and conference services. As part of the effort, Enseo created a number of extensions to its comprehensive Remote Management Tools to incorporate GPNS requirements into a unified management platform as well as launching a new customer care center to support all Enseo properties.

"Achievement of this certification is both a great honor and the beginning of a groundbreaking new chapter of Enseo's history,” said Vanessa Ogle, CEO of Enseo, Inc. "Enseo's substantial investment in technology, systems, and personnel have brought technical excellence and innovation to the hotel community combining both guest entertainment and wireless connectivity as never before.”

Kevin Sweeney, Enseo's HSIA Product Manager remarked, "GPNS certification is the result of a tremendous effort by virtually every Enseo team member, as well as the dedicated support of the Marriott GPNS team. We cannot thank all of them enough."

Enseo's GPNS HSIA services are available immediately to all Marriott properties in addition to Enseo's leading edge E3® Guest Room Entertainment services.