Enhanced user dashboard now provides hotels with quick identification of expensive hidden recurring problems and greater overall operations insight than ever before

San Diego, CA -June 15, 2015 – HOTELbeat, a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based hospitality operations management solutions, has unveiled the latest enhancements to its user dashboard, a window into its industry-leading service delivery and reporting platform that also serves as the only real-time tool for managing and measuring staff service performance. With the latest upgrades comes greater management intelligence and actionable understanding of both property and individual performance data metrics, along with significant enhancements in guest communication services.

Now located front and center for an improved user experience, the newly updated dashboard also features a completely mobile-friendly design bolstered by customizable key indicator metrics that provide greater insights into property-related activities and performance. As part of the upgrade, hoteliers using HOTELbeat will gain the ability to automatically track and receive information on their property’s top recurring problems driving unnecessary operational expense. Also providing details on a hotel’s most commonly reported recurring issues, HOTELbeat’s dashboard consequently provides its users with a cost-effective solution that quickly identifies areas in need of immediate attention. A staff activity drill down, which is now included with the updated dashboard, also provides for detailed reporting by employees on what tasks they have completed, and what remains to be accomplished, giving managers a quantitative tool to evaluate employee productivity.

“While already recognized as a unique and valuable service in maximizing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction, part of the HOTELbeat mission is to maintain its innovate edge and create a service that is unmatched in providing effective task management support,” said Ian Gardner, CEO of HOTELbeat. “With the latest updates to our platform’s dashboard, we are pleased to provide a solution that further improves operations performance, reduces costs and substantially enhances guest satisfaction.”

As part of its efforts to further reduce property costs, the enhanced dashboard also includes an all-new image-capable lost and found function that tracks items and integrates with shipping providers to automatically generate associated shipping costs. The addition of customer loop metrics serves to further decrease operational costs and enhance the guest experience by keeping track of what issues or requests guests report on and how often. Newly added insights on guest SMS also serve to further accomplish this goal while improving the overall integrated communications process between a property and its guests.

Recognized throughout the hospitality industry for its unique time-based ticketing functionality, HOTELbeat’s operation management platform provides properties with a clear and effective ability to assign and track task completion and guest request efficiency. Also serving as the only real-time tool for managing and measuring staff performance, HOTELbeat provides owners and operators with an exclusive window into what staff members are doing, how long it takes them to complete tasks, and the time each specific task should take, by supplying access to updated performance analytics.

To learn more about HOTELbeat’s innovative Cloud-native operations management solution, please visit www.hotelbeat.com.