By Frances Kiradjian

In line with our continued efforts to educate the people who make the world of boutique hotels go ’round, BLLA hosts many annual conferences designed to connect and inspire the community. In our first branded ‘Stay Boutique’ Leadership Conference, the association curated a lineup of speakers that included the CEOs of powerhouse hospitality groups like sbe, Viceroy, The Hospital Club, h.Wood Group, and many others.

Major take-aways from the three-day meeting:

  • A leader not only leads his team to success on paper, but fosters an environment where his or her employees feel proud of and invested in the work they are producing.
  • The tech renaissance the hotel industry is experiencing will be met with some push back from the market while hoteliers aim to strike the balance between what technologies are appropriate or burdensome for their properties.
  • Out of the box collaborations open the door to markets left untapped by conventional marketing tools and channels. The coming year will surely see more and more innovative partnerships that build bridges to new markets.
  • When approaching design, it will no longer suffice to supply Avant Garde art pieces and secret staircases to nowhere simply for aesthetics. Design and functionality should exist in a happy marriage and serve as facilitators of immersive experiences.
  • Shopping experiences will be shaped by the communal, multi-use spaces developers are implementing in many if not all developments.
  • Food and beverage needs are shifting as hotels and their neighborhoods work more in collaboration than ever to ensure the best stays for their guests.
  • Hotels will increasingly play a role in aiding their guests extracurriculars while on their trip. This is in stark contrast to the philosophy that keeping your guests on site is the way to success.

Attendees of our October event will attest to the fact that the speaker panels and keynote sessions were filled with invaluable insights. At BLLA, we pride ourselves on our ability to procure line-ups of knowledgeable speakers from all parts of hospitality. The boutique hotel sector has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years, and is poised to continue its upward trajectory. Be sure to visit the Stay Boutique Leadership Conference Vimeo channel so you too can head into the new year armed with new knowledge to take your brand to new heights.

BLLA will gather top level ladies in the travel and tourism sector at the Travel Industry Executive Women’s Conference March 8th at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Find out more here.

The Boutique Hotel Investment Conference returns to the New York Times Center June 6th, 2018. Learn more here.

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See you in 2018!