Today, Amsterdam based Eden Hotels announced capital investment plans and the creation of a new parent corporate company, Zien Group.  

Zien Group will be the home of Eden Hotels and all future brands and businesses. Current Eden Hotels CEO, Billy Skelli-Cohen will lead Zien Group, which will be based in Amsterdam with offices in London.

Skelli-Cohen has set out plans for Zien’s first two businesses, including a commitment of over $50 million of capital investment into the existing portfolio of hotels alongside significant capital to grow the business. Zien will prioritize a refinement of the Eden brand with refurbishments of some properties; as well as create a new brand of individual hotels, initially by re-imagining some of its own assets.

Skelli-Cohen explains: “The support and investment from KSL and the Dijkstra family allows us to unlock potential by elevating the hotels in our portfolio, and enabling our plans to grow across Europe and the UK. This marks the start of a transformational moment for our group and our team – it’s incredibly exciting and I am thrilled to be part of it.”

KSL Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm in travel and leisure, acquired a majority stake in Eden Hotels in Dec 2021. Eden Hotels was created by the Dijkstra family exactly 75 years ago, and currently has a portfolio of 14 hotels across the Netherlands. Skelli-Cohen was appointed as CEO of Eden Hotels in May 2022, with a mandate to build a robust platform for growth and development.

Zien Group is looking to expand both Eden Hotels and the new brands beyond the Netherlands, and is actively looking at new opportunities in Europe and the UK.