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By Frances Kiradjian

Training is one of those things that just about everyone agrees is a good idea on paper. But in the hectic day-to-day business of running a hotel, the dream of establishing a formalized training program often takes a back seat in favor of “learning on the job”.

This latter solution, apparently saving time, is no substitute for a well-formulated staff training program. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

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Staff trained in the process of doing their job can gather a very good working knowledge of how to perform most of the tasks necessary to impress a hotel guest. But there is a difference between good service and great service, and in the hyper-competitive world of hospitality, such seemingly minor differences can easily tip the balance between success and failure.

It’s also important to keep all staff on the same page about the hotel’s philosophy and values. This is particularly relevant in the field of boutique and luxury lifestyle hotels, which are often organized around an overarching concept and attitude. This is one of the fundamental benefits of operating in this niche; but you will need proper staff training to ensure a full understanding of the brand’s approach across the entire workforce.

Training can also boost productivity. Why leave it to chance that all the staff are on the same page about every aspect of running the hotel, when you can identify any gaps in knowledge and differences in approach, and teach any skills that may be lacking, via a good training program?

A good training program also teaches efficient teamwork, which will make your hotel run more smoothly as well as encouraging a healthy esprit de corps. And training can also serve to motivate and inspire your workforce, leading to a happier and more productive hotel staff.

Hospitality is a fast-moving field, and regular scheduled training will ensure all staff are up to speed with the latest developments, giving you the edge over competitors. This should also include learning to use the latest technology in the hotel industry. A good, long-term hotel worker who is not treated to regular training updates may unconsciously fall into outmoded approaches if he or she is not helped to adapt.

Training is also beneficial from a human-resources standpoint. Effective training also creates perfect conditions for internal promotion, as staff can be taught the necessary skills to progress through the ranks. And for external applicants to roles within your business, the presence of an in-house training program is an attractive asset as it will help them to further their career in the industry.

So, although the idea of halting the running of your hotel to train staff may be daunting, the advantages are many. Happier workers, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction are results that are hard to argue with.

About Frances Kiradjian

Founder of the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA), Frances Kiradjian, a 25-year hospitality and travel industry seasoned professional, created BLLA to give a  voice to independent properties as well as small brands around the world, offering them the opportunity and the means to compete on a level playing field with major hotel  companies. BLLA serves more than 750 members, including hotels and the suppliers that sustain them.

Frances states why she created the BLLA. “My passion for independent boutique & lifestyle hotels are what drove me to create a place where leaders in this hotel sector can meet on common ground,” said Frances. “I wanted to institute programs for enhanced awareness to global travelers and offer vendors the opportunity to focus their marketing efforts through sponsorship of BLLA programs, events & conferences.”

Kiradjian is a graduate of the highly respected Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (USC).

Contact: Frances Kiradjian / 818-264-4810

About BLLA

BLLA is the world’s most innovative and progressive organization dedicated to the luxury independent boutique lodging and lifestyle industries. The association connects the world’s most dynamic executives with cutting edge business and operational insight. BLLA’s membership benefits allow access to the world’s leading minds in the space through events, research and education. Our mission is to provide leadership and opportunities for global recognition and connections to the world’s best hotels, vendors and manufacturers. All resulting in strategic interactions and access to information that helps people and organizations thrive. Join the movement that BLLA gave birth to in 2009 and become a part of something that is truly unique, exciting and inspirational. / 818.883.4363 x 1

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