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By Katie Scheer

Let's stop faking it. Deliver the customer service that you want to receive, and sell honestly in such a way that you would want to buy from you. Consumers today seek and crave authenticity since there's too much garbage always getting in the way of the truth and what's genuine. No more acting or saying what you think will give you the best end result. Instead, speak the truth and make yourself proud. Yes, this is your Oprah moment, and you too could become rich (if you aren't already).

How do we do this in customer service and sales? Here are just a few simple ideas:

1. Deliver quality, even if it means a slower response time.

Fact of the matter is that, yes, people want fast service and response times. But when that speed does not provide a satisfactory end-result, what's the point? Instead, go with your gut and be honest with the customer. Tell him/her that your turnaround time won't be as fast as you would like, but you are working on the best solution, which is worth the wait. That will feel so much better to both of you, and you won't sell yourself short by giving a mediocre response/return.

2. Speak with a straightforward, non-scripted communication style.

An overly formal delivery with scripted messages can immediately rub a customer/prospect the wrong way. Customers prefer more casual conversations with true-to-self word choices, as long as they are within professional boundaries. When you speak in a natural way, you are opening up the communication to become more friendly, which further leads the way to a real relationship. Obviously, this is what is needed for successful customer service and sales. 

3. Have some fun.

Yes, you need to! Be yourself, and you will tell more applicable real-life stories, and this will pave the way to getting to know one another, like a friend would. Being stiff and narrowly focused on the business at hand isn't comfortable or as exciting. Laugh, smile, joke around. Remember that quote: "People buy from whom they like." Make yourself likable and fun, and your success will follow. Being you = having more fun.

Other suggestions for being authentic? Implement these too:

  • Be kind, courteous, and friendly.
  • Be sincere and lead with integrity.
  • Show you are human.
  • Believe in the value that you are presenting.
  • Make every interaction count.
  • Show that you truly care.

About Katie Scheer

Katie Scheer was named Vice President in November of 2006 after two successful years as the Director of Operations for ProSolutions.  She leads the company operations, sales and marketing, network and revenue management, new customer initiatives, and corporate strategy.

Katie has been on the ProSolutions team since May, 2002.  She started with the organization as an Operations & Project Manager, and then became the Strategic Operations Manager.  While in these positions, she successfully assisted in the crafting, implementation, and execution of innovative company branding, service diversification, and strategy-supportive policies and procedures.

Katie previously served as Marketing and Strategy Manager for BUD Publishers.  Prior to holding this position, Katie attended University of West Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. Katie currently resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Chris, and two children, Cade and Courtney.

Contact: Katie Scheer

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