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Achieving employee satisfaction and retaining loyalty is a challenging balance.  When achieved the business rewards are substantial. An engaged employee leads to a satisfied customer, both of which are integral to a thriving business. 

In order to drive business results focus on the choices of your employees and how involved they want to be at work.  Employee involvement is a necessary strategy for any organization to produce and sustain market share all year long.  Disengaged employees erode the bottom line and interfere with morale in the operation.  Employers with engaged employees have a higher potential to retain and promote employees, reducing employer expenses and increasing revenue.  Simply, engaged employees are more productive, customer-centric, and drive profit and revenue.  Retaining employees diminishes the cost of on boarding and training and keeps experienced staff in house. 

Ready to get started?  Take the pulse of your culture with the appropriate survey solutions and make the connection between employee engagement and performance measures.  Measuring where you are is the first step to implementing meaningful action to improve employee participation.  The heart of the survey needs to measure actions that will have an impact on business outcomes, the top and bottom line and:

  • Raise Customer Satisfaction
  • Expand Intent to Recommend and Return
  • Amplify ROI
  • Boost Productivity
  • Augment Quality of Service
  • Lessen Turnover 
  • Diminish Safety Incidents
  • Curtail Theft
  • Reduce Absenteeism / Tardiness

Companies that provide managers with the tools to create change gain a competitive advantage keeping them moving forward.  Gallup polls indicate clients that have actively pursued employee engagement soared to a proportion of 9:1 with concurrent improvements in business success*. 

By coupling an employee engagement survey with a guest satisfaction survey, management can clearly understand the connection between staff perceptions and their customer insight.  This knowledge empowers the teams to act on critical factors leading to increased employee loyalty, customer retention and recommendation.  When organizations successfully engage  their customers and their employees,  they can experience a 240% boost in performance*.

(*source: State of the American Workplace Report - Gallup, 2013)

Strategies to create an employee engaged environment:

1. Prioritizing employee engagement as a long term business plan to keep employees engaged throughout their tenure is crucial.  Making a commitment to provide the time, tools, training, and so on, to keep employees engaged is indispensable.

2. Concentrating on business results and integrating these measurements into the HR review process is essential for accountability and  evaluating employee performance.

3. Providing the communication necessary to line up each employee's action with the organization's overall business goals.  Communication is critical for all employees and positions.  Ensure all staff members have the information they require to understand how what they manage every day shapes the company's bottom line and helps achieve goals.  

4. Pursuing and following up on employee development  is necessary to assure success.  Commit to carrying out performance development plans for leadership purposes, management functions and staff.  

With these vital strategies in place, there are additional ways to influence the willingness of employees to stay engaged and contributing.

Effective recognition encourages employee involvement.  Recognize activities that are truly worthy of credit.  Recognition is valuable when it is frequent.  This includes verbal or written acknowledgement with an additional physical reward if supplied. 

Successful feedback focuses on what the employee is performing well and what requires improvement. It is clear and specific and reinforce the actions the manager wants to see the employee regularly perform.

Consistent demonstration of trust and respect throughout the culture daily.  Managers who show they are invested in their employees and seek input are invaluable in the organization.

Positive social environment at work is borne out by coworkers who demonstrate integrity, teamwork; thrive on quality and serving clients, and who are passionate about their jobs, all fostering employee involvement.

Determining what will motivate and enable team members to give their best nurtures better decision making and planning, smarter investments and deeper commitment. The UniFocus feedback systems are one of the best ways to learn what motivates your employees to drive a successful culture and advance growth.  UniFocus has partners in over 100 countries worldwide. Each year over 3,000,000 surveys are administered with UniFocus. Our technologies are guaranteed to Increase Performance and Drive R.O.I.

About UniFocus

UniFocus is exclusively dedicated to providing the Hospitality, Service, Retail and Healthcare Industries with the most comprehensive Workforce Management systems and Financial tools available. Our cloud based Resource Management suite of applications provides Labor Management, Time & Attendance, Budgeting, and Revenue Reporting. Additionally, we offer a complete suite of guest, employee, and meeting planner/event perception Survey Solutions, with expanded insights via mystery shopping evaluations. These products are focused on improving both top- and bottom-line performance, as well as the guest experience for our partners' businesses. UniFocus products and services are currently delivering clear results in over 100 countries worldwide.

UniFocus is an allied member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and a member of the National Restaurant Association.

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