July 1, 2019, NYC – Coyle Hospitality Group, the world’s leading provider of customer experience consulting, quality assurance and mystery shopping, has been contracted for services by its 1000th independent restaurant. The milestone achievement comes after 23 years of consulting with restaurants located around the world and spanning all types of eateries, from fast-casual to fine dining, and from single location to multi-unit, multi-national operations.

Coyle’s panel of independent restaurant mystery shoppers are professionals who measure performance and provide detailed, step-by-step narratives and photos of their dining experience. Then the company’s dedicated consultants compare this data against proven industry benchmarks, providing restaurateurs with results that are relevant, objective and actionable.

Coyle’s independent restaurateurs have access to the same professional tools that are typically only afforded to big chains. “We’ve leveraged what we know from working with the largest, most successful operators and simplified it into practical processes applicable to the independent restaurant operator,” said Jim Coyle, Founder of Coyle Hospitality. “We also help independent restaurants celebrate what they’re already doing right and develop standard operating procedures that result in long-term consistency. They avoid the time and expense associated with trial and error. Instead, they’re able to put proven best practices into place right out of the gate and better ensure their success.”

Coyle Hospitality offers multiple tiers of services to both startup restaurants and existing operators, which can be customized to a restaurant’s specific needs. Most restaurant clients have Coyle deploy evaluations on a monthly basis.

“Most of the large mystery-shopping companies avoid the small independent operator,” Coyle said. “Though Coyle Hospitality has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s largest restaurant chains over the past two decades, we’ve never forgotten where we came from. And we firmly believe that the same processes that help large chains thrive can also be effective for small operators.”

Coyle added that it’s more important these days than ever before for restaurants to be on point. “People make decisions on where to dine based on reviews and social media, and that information is more current, voluminous and accessible than ever before, so it’s critical that restaurateurs keep a close eye on guest perceptions.”