Chicago, IL. — December 17, 2020 Cloud5 Communications today announced E911 service offerings that provide for the fast, easy compliance with the rapidly approaching deadlines for the handling of calls from hotels to local emergency services.

Cloud5 provides emergency routing services over SIP for E911 compliance with Ray Baum’s Act, which is enforceable as of January 6, 2021 and Kari’s law, which went into effect February 16, 2020. Ray Baum’s Act requires that all 911 calls include the “Dispatchable Location” of the caller in the form of additional information provided to the 911 center receiving the call. Dispatchable Location of the caller, the centerpiece of Ray Baum’s Act, is the precise location at which emergency services are required. Compliance mandates certain location information (floor, room number, method to access room, etc.) be communicated to public safety providers to facilitate optimal emergency response. Kari’s Law requires direct 911 dialing and notification capabilities in multi-line telephone systems (MLTS), which are typically found in hotels.

Failure to comply with Ray Baum’s Act by the January 6, 2021 deadline can result in significant penalties of up to $10,000 plus $500/day.

“The Cloud5 team is deeply committed to helping hotels enhance the safety of their guests and staff through E911 services,” said Mark Holzberg, President and CEO of Cloud5. “Our experience and expertise in telephony solutions is helping our clients quickly adopt technology strategies to comply with the upcoming provisions.”

The new laws apply to any MLTS installed or upgraded after February 16, 2020, but Cloud5 recommends that all hoteliers consider configuring their existing deployments to support both statutes. Further, they strongly suggest hoteliers contact their legal counsel to determine the compliance requirements and risks associated with their specific technology installation.