Using Historical Transactions in the Marketing Database Clairvoyix is able to Determine the Unrealized Value of a Property’s Past Guests

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Henderson, NV, June 25, 2013 – Clairvoyix, the leader in enterprise class, hospitality specific marketing automation, is once again “bringing big data down to size” by giving our clients the ability to assign a dollar amount to the past guest data stored in their Clairvoyix hosted marketing database. Today Clairvoyix announces the Database Valuator, a web based application that analyzes the past guest history of one or more properties in a Clairvoyix hosted marketing database in order to place a value on the unrealized revenue associated with repeat guests.

As hotel and resort properties are constantly being sold and purchased, it is a common for the “ownership” of the properties past guest data to be a negotiated item. The opportunity for sellers is in the ability to position the past guest data as a valuable line-item asset. Until this announcement from Clairvoyix there wasn’t a simple or justifiable way to place a dollar value on the past guest data. This becomes very critical for large resorts that may have tens of millions of dollars of unrealized revenue from past guests who will likely repeat if promoted to effectively.

The Clairvoyix hosted marketing database is constantly being updated with guest folio information, reservation records, and other related data. Clairvoyix enhances this data by aggregating stay information, appending email addresses, appending demographic information, etc. This data is crucial to effectively segment and target past guests with relevant and compelling marketing communications. Additionally this data is used to model the most profitable past guests for acquisition campaigns. “Our clients want to know who their customers are at a very detailed level as this information helps drive incremental business”, said Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix, “as seen in the example below, this data is fundamental to our approach to hospitality specific database marketing.” Schmitt went on to add “we see buyers and sellers negotiate the ownership of this important data, yet nobody knows how to quantify the past guest data”.

The Clairvoyix Database Valuator analyzes the information stored in the Clients database so that both the purchaser and the seller have a clear understanding of the contents of the marketing database. Useful for both a sale of the property and for a deeper understanding of a property’s past guests, the information presented includes a “Marketing Universe” that is essentially all of the marketable past guests in the database, and the “Revenue” section is a summary of spend over the lifetime of the database and the past 24 months. “Frequency” and “Recent” information is also displayed and used to calculate the value of the unrealized potential revenue. The Clairvoyix Database Valuator uses a proprietary formula based on real transaction information that results in a dollar value that accurately represents the value of the marketing database, transforming the database into a marketable asset at the time of a property sale.

As a targeted marketing company, the Clairvoyix philosophy is to help our hospitality clients identify their high value past guests so that communications are personalized, timely, relevant, and compelling. This philosophy is now extended as the Clairvoyix Database Valuator is designed to give our client’s the ability to enhance the guest experience while on property.