City of Greenville ready to check out of the Dream Lodge

/City of Greenville ready to check out of the Dream Lodge

City of Greenville ready to check out of the Dream Lodge

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Dec. 27–It has been many years since anyone has rented a room at Greenville's Dream Lodge Motel and, if the City of Greenville has its way, no one ever will again.

The city plans to sell the structure soon, with the condition that it be torn down.

The City of Greenville purchased the abandoned motel five years ago, following a raid on the property by multiple law enforcement agencies.

Conditions under the sale, however, prevented the city from getting rid of the property until now.

"We are looking at advertising it for sale next month, with a couple of options," said Greenville City Manager Massoud Ebrahim.

The potential buyer may choose from buying the structure "as is", or specifically for the purpose of demolishing the building and clearing the site. If the buyer decides to purchase the motel "as is" they would still be required to tear it down, although Ebrahim said they would be given enough time to prepare for the demolition.

"There could be some contamination issues which may need to be addressed," Ebrahim said. "Our goal is to have it be demolished one way or another."

The Greenville City Council agreed to purchase the motel property from federal law enforcement authorities in Dec. 2011.

The plan was to use the facility for training exercises by the Greenville Police Department and Hunt County Sheriff's Office, with the ultimate goal of tearing it down and clearing the lot.

Police Chief Daniel J. Busken said the city buying the property was the best way to make sure it was not sold at auction and prevent someone else from opening it up back as a motel which would be a source of criminal activity.

Multiple tactical exercises were conducted on the property.

Local police officers, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Marshal's and U.S. Attorney's offices seized the motel at 1900 Interstate 30 on the morning of Nov. 4, 2010, after it had been identified as a location of high crime and narcotics activity. The motel has been shut down ever since.

The Council purchased the property and assets from the U.S. Marshal's service for $22,814.

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