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Over the past year we all saw, and or experienced a steep rise in the popularity of health & wellness. Likely as a direct result of our fast-paced and driven society, many of us find comfort in taking the time to slow down and nurture ourselves. In 2016 we saw the rise of vegan and gluten-free diets, yoga, meditation and high-intensity workouts, spiritual healing such as Reiki, and a shift towards more homeopathic remedies.

The health & wellness trends of 2016 will now be giving way to the health & wellness trends of 2017, and we’ve done the research to present you predictions of just what those will be!

Health and Wellness Trends 2017

Homemade Bread

Gluten-free will continue to be popular among many in 2017, but what we may also see a rise of, no-pun-intended, is more home baking, especially bread. As scientists and nutritionists delve deeper into the realms of gluten, it’s being understood that gluten isn’t inherently all bad, much of it’s unhealthy or healthy value comes from how it’s baked. A food as delicious and historical as bread deserves a comeback in 2017! Plus, baking is such a lovely pastime and way to bond with loved ones. 

Source: Care2

Ketogenic Diet

New year, new diet. Last year we saw a rise in the Paleo diet among others, and it’s predicted that 2017 will see a rise in the Ketogenic Diet. The Ketogenic diet is essentially a low-carb, high-fat diet that is credited with a variety of health benefits. For more in-depth details on what the diet consists of and it’s health benefits, visit here.

Healthy Beverages

Kombucha, anyone? Forget soda, even forget food, the popular items to order, purchase and consume are healthy beverages. Kombucha became a widely-known and popular drink of choice in 2016, and that trend is going to continue through 2017. Expect to see a rise in alcoholic kombucha drinks, from kombucha beer to kombucha-infused cocktails, kombucha is here to stay. Plant waters are becoming widespread, a trend that is definitely growing – coconut water, matcha, birch sap, and so many more. The more medicinal the beverage, the better. There are drinks for any need – digestion, weight loss, better sleep, headache relief, etc. In 2017 it won’t be hard to come by any of these tonics, simply stop by your local grocery store or pharmacy and it’s likely they’ll have an array of options.

Kombucha Kooler


1 ¾ oz Greenhook Gin
¾ oz Pomegranate juice
¾ oz Lavender honey
¼ oz Fresh lime juice
2 oz House made Pomegranate/Lavender Kombucha
Lime wheel


Served in mason jar on ice
Top with Club soda
Garnish with lime wheel


The fibrous protein of collagen has literally exploded in popularity and will continue to rise through 2017. Touted as having a plethora of health benefits – i.e. beautiful hair, strong nails, clear and healthy skin – it’s no wonder why it’s so prominent. Our bodies make collagen naturally, but after the age of 25, our bodies become less efficient at making it. What are other sources of collagen? Bone broth! Which, was another rising trend of 2016 and likely of 2017 as well, and is also part of the Ketogenic diet, mentioned above. One can also intake collagen through special proteins, powders, and energy bars.

Source: Well and Good

Wellness retreats

Yoga in Bali, meditate in Costa Rica, and SUP in Hawaii. Unless you opt out of being a part of the social media scene, it’s likely you had at least one friend constantly post pictures of themselves in various yoga poses all over someplace beautiful. 2016 ushered in an era of wellness retreats, and let’s just say they are going to be bigger and better than ever in 2017. Wellness retreats are being offered near and far. If you aren’t in the mood to take a few flights before meditating, don’t worry, there are plenty of local retreat centers and wellness minded destinations for you! In 2017 expect retreats to offer a wider scope of activities, anything from SUP to waterfall trekking and volcano snowboarding.

Plant Based… Everything

Plant power is rapidly increasing in popularity. Between veganism, raw veganism, plant proteins, the juicing craze, and a rise in mindfulness towards the treatment of animals and livestock, society is turning to plants more than ever before in recent history. Expect plants to assert themselves even more over the course of 2017: pea and hemp proteins, veggie burgers, meatless Mondays, and so so so many more plant products. In fact, plant protein is growing 2.5 times faster than whey, and will soon outpace it.

Source: Well and Good

Health and wellness trends are the kind of trends that we can find inspiration and optimism from. Taking the time to nourish ourselves from the inside out and outside in will ensure our year is filled with happiness, productivity, and peace. We love keeping up with the latest trends in health and are committed to incorporating as many health and wellness trends into our daily operations and offerings here at Natirar. As the new year and new stresses set in, we invite you to take the time to serve yourself with a day trip to our serene, beautiful, and health-focused property.

About Natirar Mansion

Natirar is one of the country’s most bucolic retreats, set on a 500-acre estate in New Jersey’s Somerset Hills. In 2017 a complete renovation to the historic Natirar Mansion will be complete, including restoration to the 1912 Tudor and the addition of a new ballroom event facility, ideal for galas, weddings and exclusive meetings. Natirar already boasts one of New Jersey’s most acclaimed restaurants, Ninety Acres, built in the estate’s restored carriage house, which includes a cooking school, a private club and a 12-acre farm. Secluded, yet easily accessible, the Natirar estate is less than an hour from New York City and 90 minutes from Philadelphia. BENCHMARK, a global hospitality company is Natirar’s management and operating partner.

Contact: Amber Berg / 619.273.5100 Ext. 4

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