Upscale Boutique Hotels Connect with Guests Using Mobile Check-In and Exceed Expectations by Obtaining 360 Degree View of Preferences and Social Media Influence Before They Even Arrive

San Francisco, CA, (October 22, 2014) – A 2014 Gallup poll reported that fully engaged hotel guests spend 46 percent more per year, and two of the top boutique hotels on the west coast, Hotel Abri and Toll House Hotel, are reaping those rewards by using CheckMate’s mobile guest service and engagement platform. Both properties are part of the prestigious portfolio of hotels managed by MetWest Terra Hospitality.

“We were impressed to see immediate results,” said Jim Gerney, area vice president and general manager at both properties. “CheckMate provides us with an innovative way to get insights about guests from all channels, including OTA’s, before they arrive, as well as stay connected with them during their stay. We attract travelers from millennials to jetsetters, and CheckMate enables us to deliver a seamless and consistent guest experience across all touch points, whether it is in-person, via a mobile device, a text or an email.”

CheckMate, the revolutionary hotel online and mobile check-in solution, makes it easy for hotels and chains of any size to implement mobile services under their brand. Guests from all channels can save time by checking in using their smart phones or mobile devices as well as receive alerts when their room is ready. Hoteliers get a 360-degree view of their guests before they arrive, gaining valuable insights including contact information, emails, special requests, arrival times, as well as social influence and TripAdvisor history.

“Both Hotel Abri and Toll House have experienced remarkable growth across several areas, including ancillary spend and direct bookings, but the increase in guest connections and satisfaction stands out the most,” explains Gerney. “When it comes to attracting and retaining guests, increased engagement is what we in the hospitality industry are constantly striving for.”

CheckMate’s platform integrates traditionally siloed functions – marketing, sales, and service – into a single platform. This enables a deeper connection between hotel staff and guests by facilitating communication and real-time feedback during a stay. Platform analytics record trends, sales performance, and preferences that can be used to improve marketing and service delivery.