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Netanya - May 18, 2015 - As Israel's tourism and economy are growing rapidly, Israel is experiencing a shortage of hotel rooms in just about every major city. The hospitality industry in Israel is growing and so is the need for quality guest-room telephones. 

Eric Klein, VP Sales and Operations at Greenfield Tech explains that "Building new hotels is inevitable and these hotels will need to be equipped with top of the line analogue and IP telephones. Cetis is a globally known brand for superb hotel guest room telephones, so when the opportunity for GreenfieldTech to team up with Cetis presented itself, we were obviously very excited. Because the Israeli hotel industry is looking at Europe and North America as the role models and the fact that Cetis is a brand standard for numerous large and successful hotel chains all over the world, it was an easy and obvious choice to become a distributor for Cetis in Israel." 

Cetis is the brand standard in a wide range of hotels around the world such as the Starwood, Hilton, Rezidor, Fairmont hotel, Accor, Hyatt and Four Seasons hotel chains and is well known for their high quality phones with unique customization that aid in branding the hotel property. 

"Although we have supported the Israeli market out of our UK office, we are thrilled that Greenfield Tech will be providing in-country distribution and support," said Justin Kanzen, Sales Manager at Cetis. He further added "This partnership will increase our services to hoteliers in Israel to a higher level." 

About Greenfield Tech

Greenfield Technologies Ltd (GreenfieldTech Ltd) ( was established in April 2007 as a consulting and development firm, focusing on providing high-end open source services to the hi-tech industry in Israel. The firm was formed under the idea that telecommunication systems should not be based upon highly expensive infrastructure. Currently, the firm provides its services to customers world-wide, catering to their development and technical support requirements on a monthly basis.  

Contact: Barak Yitzhaki, Sales and Account Manager / +972 73 255 7799

About Cetis

Cetis, Inc. (, is the ISO-9001, RoHS, and WEEE-certified manufacturer of Teledex®, TeleMatrix® and Scitec® brand telephones and Y Series high-speed Internet wired and wireless access point devices. Designed and engineered in America, Europe, and China, M Series, E Series, I Series (formerly Teledex iPhone), Opal Series, Diamond Series, Nugget Series, 9600 Series, 3300 Series, 3100 Series, and Aegis Series telephones are preferred by all major hotel brands globally. Cetis maintains sales and support facilities in North America, Beijing, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, Mumbai, and United Kingdom.

Contact: Vanessa Guerra, Sales Executive / +44 1908 904 860

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