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Robert Mandelbaum, Director of Research Information Services, discusses the highlights of CBRE Hotels' Americas Research's 2016 edition of Trends® in the Hotel Industry. In 2015, the U.S. lodging industry achieved an all-time record high level of occupancy which allowed for a sixth consecutive year of increases in revenues and profits. However, record levels of real growth in expenses are a concern for hoteliers.

About Robert Mandelbaum

Robert Mandelbaum is Director of Research Information Services for CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research.  To benchmark the performance of your hotel against the revenues and expenses of the 11th edition of the USALI, please visit the BenchmarkerSM service within the firm’s new Property Information Portal at  This article was published in the July 2016 edition of Lodging.

Contact: Robert Mandelbaum / 404 809 3959

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