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Executive Leadership Services designed to bring large company leadership to small and mid-sized hotel ownership and management organizations


ATLANTA, GA  - December 3, 2013- Joel Carver, CEO of Carver Hotel Group has announced the addition of the Strategic Planning and Executive Leadership model to complement the other pillars of the organization.

According to Carver, "The CHG Executive Leadership solution will bring a dynamic, results driven VP of Sales and Marketing to your executive team, without the traditional costs".  Designed with the small to mid-sized owner and management company in mind, this model provides a turn-key approach to an organization's executive leadership function by providing:

  • Strategic Direction for Maximized RevPAR
  • Customized Sales Strategy Development
  • Customized Business Planning
  • Customized ShareShifting Plans
  • Customized Deployment and ROI Metrics
  • Quarterly Property Visits/Weekly Direct Property Support
  • Brand Interaction and Maximization
  • Customized Sales Training
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Crisis Management 

This offering will allow CHG to become the single source for all revenue generation and maximization activities needed by many hotels and hotel companies.  Other core solutions provided by Carver Hotel Group include: Task Force Consultants, Sales Development and Training Programs, Human Resources Management, Lead Generation Services, and Revenue Management for hire services.  

The CHG network is designed to provide each property and organization with the strategic process and tactical support needed to drive top line sales and maximize ROI. 


About Carver Hotel Group

Based in Atlanta, GA , Carver Hotel Group services include task force sales and operational professionals, sales team development, deployment and ROI measurement; marketing and eCommerce; sales team training and development; distressed asset turnaround and business mix development. See more at

Contact: Joel Carver, CEO / 404-254-3130

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