Hospitality Technology’s First Step in Guest Satisfaction

Minneapolis – HITEC 2019 (June 18) – CallTek, the technology industry’s preferred white label support company, introduced a comprehensive call center insight platform, Odyssey Cx, at the HITEC hospitality technology conference in Minneapolis. The proprietary cloud-based platform records and analyzes every voice interaction, providing the industry with most extensive understanding of the guest experience when communicating with voice agents for reservations and technical support.

Hospitality Technology professionals at HITEC in Minneapolis can experience Odyssey Cx at the CallTek booth #833.

Odyssey Cx is designed to be easily paired with any existing call center technology and is offered as an added-value to CallTek Call Center support customers. The company currently provides support for more than 12,000 hotels including many of the industry’s largest hospitality brands.

“In an industry based on guest satisfaction, Odyssey Cx could be game changing technology for any company that interacts with guests over voice on a regular basis. Odyssey Cx gives call centers specific information that empowers them to adjust training and performance in order to achieve the desired outcome,” said Tony Espinoza, CEO of CallTek, Inc. “By monitoring and analyzing every call, companies will now have the power to confidently gauge the satisfaction level guests have when they complete a call.”

Current industry standards monitor between 3-10 percent of call center interactions, making it impossible to have an accurate understanding of the overall guest experience with an agent. With Odyssey Cx, hotel brands and technology companies gain powerful insight into every exchange that could impact many areas of the industry from marketing to support and reservations.

CallTek’s proprietary Odyssey Cx platform records every incoming call from the moment it is answered by an agent. Within 24 hours, each conversation is transcribed and automatically evaluated for sentiment by CallTek’s software that detects tones throughout the call, providing insight that can be used to refine and improve customer service as well as provide an accurate reading of total guest satisfaction.

Customers using Odyssey CX receive unparalleled insight for every call including:

  • Live Recording
  • Transcription – Editable & Searchable
  • Agent Name
  • Sentiment
  • Date & Time
  • Duration

The Odyssey Cx Analytic Dashboard condenses the results of voice interactions to provide users with powerful data in an easy to understand graphs that can be customized according to needs. In a single glance, users will be able to evaluate the quality of calls and interactions with guests, allowing management to quickly understand the guest’s satisfaction level and if further training needs to be conducted with agents.

The platform’s automatically generated transcripts can be searched by key words or phrases spoken by guests during the call, providing valuable information that could be used for marketing, training and operations.

For additional information on Odyssey Cx, email [email protected]