Engages 30% of Guests in First Month with Flip.to

Orlando, FL — September 13, 2013 — Flip.to is the brand advocate platform that helps hotels boost brand awareness and earn new guests with the help of their most trusted, untapped marketing source- their guests. Since going live with Flip.to in August, the Calistoga Spa has reached over 9,000 social connections.

The property turned to Flip.to to help them market to a new demographic of customers after their recent renovation. They felt that Flip.to would help attract that demographic in a way they couldn’t naturally do on their own.

“As part of our repositioning, we expanded who our target guest is. We needed a way to market to this new demographic” said Michael Lennon, General Manager for Calistoga Spa Hot Springs. “Flip.to provided us an opportunity to market into the social networks of our first time guests and our repeat guests . As a result, we were able to reach new people that we wouldn’t be able to through traditional marketing.”

Kristi White, VP of Global Sales Strategy for Flip.to, commented “The Calistoga Spa recognized that the social networks of their existing guests were the perfect place to attract like minded individuals to their property. They are using Flip.to to turn existing guests into social advocates to help drive the friends and families of their guests back to the hotels’ website. Additionally, through a small incentive they are able to collect the email address of those visitors for future marketing.

In just over a month, Calistoga Spa has converted 30% of their guests into advocates who shared information about the hotel with their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, they have driven over 400 visitors to their website and added almost 100 new email addresses to their marketing database.

To find out more about how Flip.to can help create a significant, measurable impact for your hotel, please get in touch with Kristi White at [email protected] or visit www.flip.to.