Real estate, finance and construction industry pros can now use planned construction data visualization to better understand opportunities and risks in key markets.

CHICAGOJune 23, 2021 — BuildCentral today announced Geospex™, a new planned construction visualization tool built for real estate, finance and construction industry professionals.

Geospex™ provides a new way for construction industry, finance and real estate professionals to better evaluate their key markets for growth opportunities and potential risks.

Using ESRI geospatial technology, Geospex™ pairs planned real estate development data from BuildCentral with intelligent data layers to deliver comprehensive market-specific insights — all without having to comb through multiple tools and tabs. Intelligent data layers include parcel ownership data, nearby opportunity zones, U.S. Census data, MSA and zip code boundaries, real-time weather warnings, demographics, drive times and more.

“Geospex is the future of real estate market research,” says Damian Eastman, CEO at BuildCentral. “Whether you’re a builder, in finance, an industry supplier, or in real estate, you want to know where all the future commercial and residential developments are planned, when they’re coming and who’s responsible.  With Geospex, you can visualize these future developments and stakeholders all plotted on a dynamic, interactive map for any U.S. zip code.”

He adds, “Then, if you want to dig deeper, you can add more context using our library of intelligent data layers. Maybe you’d also like to see all the nearby opportunity zones and crime rates for your key regions? Add them both to see a more complete picture of that market, all on one screen. This is just one of dozens of ways Geospex can help you quickly assess both opportunity and risk in your core markets.”

Key Geospex™ features include the ability to:

  • Visualize planned commercial and residential developments parsed by Census Region, MSA, State, County or Zip Code
  • Analyze any U.S. real estate market and see data layers for parcel ownership information, opportunity zones, demographics, crime rates, flood zones, weather warnings and more
  • Refine any search by drive time or radius, measure distances between two points and the area of any custom drawn polygon
  • Import user sales territories, distribution facilities, dealer locations, etc.

Geospex™ will be available starting June 22, 2021.  For more information, visit