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Los Angeles, CA, February 17, 2015 – BLLA continues its leadership and innovation with its clear focus on the boutique and lifestyle hospitality segment and is proud to announce its 2015 Board of Directors line-up.

Comprised of 23 individuals, all paragons in their respective fields, the BLLA Board of Directors serves to support and grow the vision of the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association. We warmly welcome the newest additions to share their talents with us including Lana Dubovik Boissier of Hospitality Atelier, Leigh Hitz of Magnolia Hotels, Brad Wilson of Ace Hotel Group, Larry Broughton of Broughton Hotels, Filipe Marchaz of GuestCentric, James Shaffer of SUITELIFE by Venture and Eric Alms of Parker & Morgan.

In 2015, the BLLA Board will target three areas of focus for specific committees – Education, Benefits and Membership. The outcome will serve dual purpose – growth and enrichment of BLLA as an association, as well as enhancement of member experience. In turn, these important initiatives will have an impactful effect on the boutique & lifestyle industry at large.

The association continues to build its influence and reputation through a commitment to its members and the boutique sector as a whole. An enormous benefit for both hotel and supplier members in 2015 and beyond will be the new Statistical Report on Boutique Lifestyle Hotel Performance, currently being reviewed by the committees. As the first association centered on the boutique lifestyle sector, BLLA has become 'the place to go', a resource for the segment indicators and it recognizes the need to deliver a wide array of industry analytics as well as industry trends.

Commenting on the make-up of the new Board, BLLA Founder and Chair Frances Kiradjian said, "We're ecstatic about the Board's 2015 focus on opportunities & education for our members and for the benefit of the entire industry. We have open arms when it comes to listening to our members and also to our vision and acting swiftly on things that are for the benefit of all."

Statements from the newest board members on their positions:

Leigh Hitz, CEO, Stout Street Hospitality: "I'm honored to be a part of the BLLA Advisory Board. The organization plays such an important role in championing the needs of boutique properties worldwide. This is a dynamic, creative segment of our industry and I look forward to supporting and moving forward the goals of the BLLA."

Lana Dubovik Boissier, Principal, Hospitality Atelier: "BLLA is the genuine voice of the segment that continues to inspire, educate, and dare to be different. It formed a powerful network of industry's talent, commitment and ambition, and I could not be more proud to share and to contribute to its values."

Larry Broughton, Founder/CEO, broughtonHOTELS: "I'm excited to participate with the BLLA Advisory Board, as the boutique and lifestyle segment of our industry is chock full of pioneers and innovators. Guests prefer this segment of the industry, investors are hot for these types of projects, and the uptight hospitality corporate types wish they were part of our tribe. What's not to love about BLLA?"

New Inner Circle Club Members, SUITELIFE, by Venture Insurance and Parker & Morgan

This year, BLLA is pleased to welcome back SUITELIFE, by Venture Insurance as an Inner Circle Club Member. This exclusive position includes access to prime industry connections, recognition across the segment, upfront preferred advertising placement and Diamond sponsorship of all events and conferences, a non-competitive agreement (for the Club) and perhaps most importantly, an optional board seat. Joining the board on behalf of SUITELIFE is James Shaffer.

James Shaffer, Executive Vice President, SUITELIFE insurance program: "At the SUITELIFE insurance program, we place a huge value on the hospitality industry intelligence BLLA offers and the connections we make with their members. The insurance industry has historically underserved the boutique and luxury hospitality sector, but BLLA affords us an opportunity to truly understand the needs of hotels. BLLA is a valuable resource for any business seeking to reach hoteliers."

Eric Alms, President, Parker & Morgan: "From my first encounter with BLLA, I have experienced the tremendous generosity of knowledge from leaders who drive the business. Even more importantly, I have developed relationships that go well beyond business deals into friendships with the industry's most talented, creative and thoughtful trailblazers. I am thrilled to be a part of the BLLA Inner Circle and look forward to contributing to this quality organization."



Frances Kiradjian, BLLA

Board Executive

Marc Emmer, Optimize Inc.

2015 Governors Board

Alec Kiradjian, BLLA

Greg Remeikis, CohnReznick, LLP

Nelson Migdal, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, Principal Shareholder

2015 Advisory Board

Brad Wilson, Ace Hotel Group/Atelier Ace

Christophe Vielle, GCP Hospitality

Eric Alms, Parker & Morgan

Filipe Machez, Guest-Centric

Glenn Colorassi, Colorassi Spa & Wellness Consulting

James Shaffer, SUITELIFE by Venture

John Keeling, Valencia Group

John deC. Evans, Trilogy Group of Companies & OPUS Hotels

Jonathan Falik, JF Capital Advisors

Kim Bardoul, Highland Group

Lana Dubovik Boissier, Hospitality Atelier 

Larry Broughton, Broughton Hotels

Leigh Hitz, Magnolia Hotels / Stout Street Hospitality

Marjorie Feltus-Hawkins, Feltus Hawkins Design, LLC

Mark Pratt, VOA Associates

Melinda Bush, HRW Holdings LLC

Paula Argento, Argento Venture Group

Ronit Copeland, Copeland Ltd. Hospitality Consulting By Design

Yasmine Mahmoudieh, Mahmoudieh Concepts

About The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA)

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) is the first and only alliance association dedicated to uniting the world's independent boutique and lifestyle hotels and small brands. Created to be the unifying voice of this distinctive subset within the hospitality industry. BLLA's goal is to unite the world's collection of 'real' boutique & lifestyle properties and the suppliers/vendors that sustain them, offering them the opportunity to successfully compete on a level playing field with major hotel companies, as well as market themselves to meet the ever-increasing demand from discerning boutique-seeking clients. For more information, or to become a member visit To attend and sponsor BLLA events, visit

Contact: Frances Kiradjian, Founder, Chair, Publisher / 1-818-883-4363, ext. 4

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