A mobile internal communications and operations tool for employees should be considered an essential step towards crisis management


In an ongoing effort to balance hospitality and security, the hotel and lodging industry is uniquely vulnerable to crisis, and notoriously difficult to regulate. The Las Vegas shooting that occurred on October 1, 2017, is a particularly formidable example of how a lighthearted vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Recent hurricanes experienced in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico also had a major impact on the hospitality industry. The same goes for the earthquake that struck Central Mexico in September, and the wildfires that ravaged Northern California in October. This string of events is a mere microcosm of the types of situations that can wreak havoc on any hotel business.

To help hotel employees think quickly on their feet in moments of danger or conflict, workforce communication company Beekeeper has released a White Paper designed to help navigate the essential preparation measure hoteliers should engage to ensure cross-organizational readiness in the event of a disaster. “Hotel Crisis Planning and Communications” will explore how internal communications strategies can be optimized by technology. To download the White Paper, which includes tips for accessing vulnerability, mitigating risk, and establishing a hierarchy of communications, click here.

“The main goal of any hospitality business is to give guests the ultimate experience and make them feel welcome and safe during their stay,” said Andrada Paraschiv, Beekeeper Head of Hospitality. “Unfortunately, there are always unpredictable behaviors that can be challenging for hotel employees to manage while upholding their code of hospitality. While hoteliers can’t predict the unpredictable, they can have a crisis communications plan in place – especially when emergency communication can be particularly challenging for non-desk workers whose roles do not require or facilitate a constant connection to a traditional email inbox. This disconnection often leaves employees without an easy way to hear organization-wide announcements, coordinate schedule changes, and even get emergency payroll access. During national emergencies, the need for having a reliable, robust, and technologically elastic digital workplace app on board becomes painstakingly obvious.”

Beekeeper digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. In a worst-case scenario, an internal communications platform will enable employees to react appropriately and professionally, rather than being taken by surprise.

In the event of a natural disaster, violent crime or even a non-violent threat such as fraud or information hacking, knowing how to effectively communicate with first responders is imperative, as well as maintaining a calm and collected attitude when fielding questions from out-of-town guests. This White Paper will help hotels establish a crisis preparation process that will quickly become a best practice.