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Luxury boutique Miami property streamlines tracking of guest minibar consumption and enhances staff efficiency  

Miami — December 1, 2015 — The W South Beach, an ultrachic Miami beachfront hotel has enhanced and streamlined its manual guestroom minibar operation by implementing BarTouch, the hospitality industry’s leading solution for manual minibar management. Developed by Bartech, a world leader in profit-generating automatic minibar solutions for the hospitality industry, the web-based application is the first of its kind and functions by providing properties such as the W South Beach with the ability to efficiently track in-room consumables sold through any manual minibar, regardless of brand or model type.

As a platform that is accessible on any mobile device, Bartouch allows W South Beach staff to utilize iPads to conveniently input and keep track of minibar items consumed by each guest. The software functions by allowing room attendants to directly post purchases to a guest’s folio via the Property Management System (PMS). As a result, W South Beach can be assured that guests are charged accordingly for in-room transactions, thereby lessening the potential for guest disputes and ensuring that revenue is not inadvertently lost.    

“Having previously relied on the often time-consuming and prone-to-error methods that typically accompany the use of manual minibars, we are extremely satisfied with the advantages and benefits that BarTouch provides,” said Isaac Seville, Director of Banquets at the W South Beach. “As a software solution that is very user-friendly and easy to learn, BarTouch is highly valued by employees and management for its connectivity and ability to provide an instant flow of data without the need for device syncing.”  

BarTouch also comes readily equipped with additional features such as the ability to monitor maintenance issues, a function that W South Beach plans to implement in the near future. Minibar attendants as a result will be able to instantly post minibar issues, such as broken hardware or failing refrigeration for quick resolution and to minimize its impact on operations, revenue and guest satisfaction. 

As a solution designed to maximize revenue, inventory management and efficiency across a wide array of in-room minibar products, BarTouch is compatible with non-Bartech manual minibars, as well as snack trays and bottled water display units. For more information, please visit

About Bartech

For more than 20 years, Bartech has been a pioneer and a leader in the field of minibar design and technology for the global hospitality industry. Since introducing the world’s first open-display automatic minibar, Bartech has developed a stellar reputation as the provider of the industry’s most powerful and sophisticated solutions to manage hotel minibar operations.

With hundreds of thousands of minibars installed in more than 60 countries, Bartech has been selected by many of the most prestigious hotel chains and independent properties worldwide. With an in-house R&D department and worldwide customer support, Bartech is dedicated to continuously enhancing product design, software and system integration with the latest technologies, in order to meet the growing needs of the industry for increased profit and efficiency. For more information, please visit

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