HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (June 17, 2021): b4checkin, Ltd. has appointed its current Chairman of the Board, Peter J. Rogers, Jr., as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Saar Fabrikant, the Company’s co-founder, who previously acted in both the CEO and President roles, has been appointed as President. Mr. Fabrikant will direct product development & strategic sales, as b4checkin drives to meet the expanding technology needs of a post-pandemic hospitality industry.

Mr. Fabrikant co-founded b4checkin in 2006 with Chief Financial Officer and co-founder Martin MacKinnon. Using his education in software programming, he managed development for the company’s two core products, an online booking engine and payment platform. During his time as CEO, he led the company to further partnerships and integrations around the globe. Mr. Fabrikant will be moving into the role of President and spending a significant amount of time leading future development & strategic sales where his expertise is essential for the continued growth of b4checkin.

Mr. Rogers first joined b4checkin as its Chairman of the Board in 2016, following 27 years at MICROS Systems, Inc. (until its acquisition by Oracle in 2014), where he was Executive Vice President of Investor Relations and Business Development. Mr. Rogers was a senior member of MICROS’s management team during which time the company became the global leader in hospitality and retail technology. Mr. Rogers represented MICROS to the financial community.  He also created and led MICROS’s successful efforts of integrating its industry enterprise applications with national and global payment systems.

In his new role as CEO, Mr. Rogers will be leveraging his expertise in the technology management space to oversee all department heads and help b4checkin become a global leader in secure, online payments. As President, Mr. Fabrikant will concentrate on both its sales and the product pipeline, especially regarding the further development of TransForm, the Company’s signature payment platform and the best-in-class product for chargeback prevention.

Mr. Rogers holds a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Corporate Finance from New York University’s Stern Graduate School of Business. He holds a Board Leadership Fellow designation from the National Association of Corporate Directors. Mr. Rogers has served on several corporate and non-profit boards. Mr. Rogers resides in Washington, DC.

With Mr. Rogers taking a more active role in the day-to-day management, this marks an exciting new chapter for b4checkin as the Company now has increased capacity to quickly scale its operations to meet the rapidly growing demand for card-not-present credit card transaction and anti-fraud solutions.