Modern Italian property adopts secure streaming solution to provide guests with instant and flexible access to virtually any streaming service on guestroom televisions.


Rome, Italy — October 5, 2021 — BeyondTV GuestCast (BTV), a full-service provider of guestroom entertainment services and solutions, has announced the successful implementation of its BeyondTV GuestCast in-room entertainment solution in Aurelia Antica Suites & Apartments. A newly opened property located just minutes away from the center of Rome. Designed to fit the needs of long-term and short-term guests alike, the property delivers the tranquility and privacy of an apartment without sacrificing the superior services and amenities of a 4-star hotel. By adopting BeyondTV GuestCast in the property’s modern suites, Aurelia Antica Suites & Apartments is set to further promote comfort, connectivity and personalized control in guest rooms.

In their search for an advanced in-room entertainment solution to meet modern entertainment needs, Aurelia Antica sought a Guest Casting Platform that could equip guests with the seamless ability to access their content on guest televisions, while simultaneously ensuring privacy and enhanced security. The property ultimately selected BeyondTV GuestCast against competing platforms due to its seamless integration process, ease-of-use and full compatibility with 1000’s of mobile-based streaming apps, such as Netflix, Disney+, Youtube and more. Guests at Aurelia Antica will now be able to cast mobile apps to guestroom televisions via a simple registration process, offering access to their own streaming subscriptions without having to enter sensitive login information.

“It’s no secret that the modern guest expects personalized, connected in-room entertainment solutions, and we recognized that equipping our property with a casting service platform would not only meet their streaming needs, but ensure that all our guests would truly feel at home,” said Vito Di Somma, General Manager at ScientificWare Srl, the property’s IT management company. “We looked into several competing platforms, but BeyondTV GuestCast stood out due to its highly flexible functionality, painless installation and enhanced security measures. As a leading casting platform, we are confident that BeyondTV GuestCast will continually exceed the latest guest needs.”

Not only does BeyondTV GuestCast give guests the ability to use streaming services without sacrificing sensitive login information, the platform further enhances security by utilizing device isolation capabilities. This feature prevents cross-room communication, preventing guests from casting content to televisions located in other rooms. BeyondTV GuestCast is also engineered to be seamlessly compatible with virtually any television model and network in use by hotels today, ensuring a straightforward implementation process.

For more information about the full range of technology solutions available from BeyondTV, please contact Danilo Molaschi at [email protected] or +39 348 104 3749.