Hotel Managers and Management Companies are under constant pressure to maximize total spend per room night, especially when room rates are continually challenged. On a daily basis hotels are in need to maximize their revenues and to engage in-house guests in every service and activity offered.

Much revenue is lost due to activity- and dining cancellations that do not get rebooked and due to unawareness by guests of what is going on and general misinformation. This inefficiency costs hotels millions of dollars per year in lost revenue opportunities, not to mention the resulting negative impact on guest satisfaction.

HandHeld’s mobile app “At Your Service” provides the ability for hotels to deliver up to the minute actionable information to its guests and to push notifications to rebook services last minute as soon as cancellations are received. By using the “At Your Service” app hotels can generate and save tens of thousands of dollars in the first year alone and increase guest satisfaction substantially. The app also makes it possible for hotels to receive and fulfill guest requests of any nature.

HandHeld’s team of seasoned hospitality executives and experienced and dynamic software developers aims to make hotels smarter by providing low cost, robust and practical mobile solutions to outdated and inefficient best practices. The “At Your Service” app is the first of such products launched by HandHeld Hospitality of Chevy Chase, MD. Go to

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