PHOENIX — Aspire announced aspire365 leadership, a new online learning tool designed to develop leaders and keep the learning alive. The announcement was made today by Aspire CEO and Chief Instigator, Renie Cavallari,

aspire365 leadership is an interactive online learning environment created to inspire and motivate leaders at all levels. It introduces foundational leadership skills and provides immediately actionable techniques based upon Aspire's 6 Pillars of Intentional Leadership™. aspire365 offers fresh, engaging content through video clips, interactive exercises and downloadable information. It also features built-in accountability for leaders to monitor and evaluate their teams' progress through the program.

Cavallari said, "aspire365 leadership is more than a tool. It is a way to keep learning alive! It provides a framework for sustainable learning and ensures an aligned leadership team which creates greater team member engagement."

aspire365 was developed to respond to the needs of the changing marketplace and the challenges facing today's leaders. It is an interactive go-at-your-own pace program designed to build and maintain leadership alignment while respecting the realities surrounding day-to-day operations.

Aspire Senior Vice President JC Thompson said, "From its interactive user community forum and discussion board to its easily accessible metrics for tracking progress, aspire365 is a fun and interactive program that promotes engagement and use, ensuring ongoing development is a priority."

aspire365 leadership is the second online learning product to launch from the Aspire arsenal of learning programs. Aspire released its aspire365 reservations sales training module in 2015.

To arrange a demonstration of aspire365, email [email protected].