Voice-activated hotel guest room virtual assistant programmed to respond to queries using natural language with no need for specific commands.

San Jose, CA – January 15, 2019 – As the developer of the industry’s first 24-hour interactive guest room assistant purpose-built for the hotel environment, Angie Hospitality is leading efforts to ensure that guests have the ability to communicate and make requests using natural speech, with no need to learn specific, pre-set voice commands that may be unknown or unnatural for them. Angie’s advanced voice recognition technology was specifically developed using robust language processing that doesn’t rely on learned phrasing or commands, as required by most other voice technologies on the market. This allows hotels to implement a voice solution that guests can immediately use via natural speech, providing a more human-like interaction with technology, maximizing both guest satisfaction and operational efficiencies for the property.

Angie’s industry leading natural language platform is the result of extensive research and development that entailed identifying not only the various types of requests that can be made within a hotel or resort setting, but also programming the device to recognize the ways that a guest may phrase a specific request, including many different word combinations and colloquialisms. Angie’s natural speech dexterity provides a ‘human’ touch, making interactions feel more like personal conversations with a hotel representative, while eliminating the potential frustration of making multiple attempts to identify a correct voice command.

“Guests enjoy their hotel experience best when it is as comfortable as their own home with service that is even better,” explained Ted Helvey, CEO of Angie Hospitality. “With the broad adoption of voice in the consumer market, providing these services during a hotel stay is becoming an expectation. Hotels need a voice solution that is more than a gimmick and offers genuine guest service in a way that is natural. However, guests also need privacy options that allow them to interact in the way they are most comfortable. That is why the Angie device provides the option to disable voice command and still have access to all its capabilities via the touch screen interface. Ultimately, it is about guest satisfaction, which we maximize by allowing communication in a way that is most natural for them.”

In addition to Angie’s unique ability to recognize guest requests using natural speech, the solution serves to streamline hotel operations, improve staff efficiencies and maximize revenue opportunities. Angie’s flexible, modular platform allows it to serve as a complete stand-alone system or, through seamless integration with leading hotel technology system providers, the solution offers a variety of configurations to replace the guest room telephone, and include room automation features, energy management and more. Angie instantly upgrades any hotel room, allowing guests to play their own music through built-in Bluetooth speakers, make hands-free calls, access hotel amenities and information, charge devices, and even create a customized and secure in-room Wi-Fi network. Based on an enterprise-class, cloud-managed platform with secure, scalable and highly-available architecture that is continuously monitored in the Cloud, Angie has the ability to self-configure for each property and room as soon as the device is plugged in..

For more information on Angie’s full suite of capabilities, please visit angie.ai.