After climbing upward for a year and a half, Americans’ enthusiasm for travel appears dampened this holiday season. Pandemic concerns are fading, but financial woes and flight cancellations have more deciding to stay home. As travelers reconnect with family and friends, airlines and hotels should look to reestablish trust and high service standards.

1 Concerns about money and disruption curb travel

Financial considerations are this season’s biggest drag on travel demand, and one in five Americans staying home cite worries about travel disruption.

2 From a busy start to a strong long-tail finish

Once again, the busiest days will likely come at the start of the holiday travel season, as 15% of Americans plan to travel Thanksgiving weekend.

3 Demand dips across most travel products

With fewer Americans traveling, demand will be weaker across most travel segments, but hotels can expect a bigger hit than airlines.

4 Many older Americans will sit this one out … again

Older Americans are more likely to cite potential travel disruption and health as reasons to avoid travel.

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