The objective was simple: capture the essence of this luxurious La Jolla property, incorporate elements of Southern California culture, and provide a website that would perform beyond that of the previous site. The challenge: do so within 90 days. The result: an Adrian Award-winning website, which earned Silver in 2015.

With talented creative design and website development teams on hand, GCommerce began this exciting journey. The creative aspects, combined with various technical elements and advancements in website development, allowed for an interactive experience that would lead to the success of this beautiful website. The luxury of Surf & Sand Resort and beauty of Southern California can be seen through each page of the site. Peeling back the layers, one will discover the advanced features, which include dynamic content delivered through geographic targeting, the ability to deliver mobile-specific offers to target the last-minute traveler, as well as real-time social feeds and integrated fan content on the website to deliver un-biased reviews.

The Surf & Sand Resort website, which combined experiential design and state-of-the-art functionality, surpassed expectations. Performance jumped incrementally, resulting in a 104% increase in website revenue, a 30% increase in traffic sourced from mobile devices, and a 64% increase in website visits due to improved search rankings. To say we were excited was an understatement.

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