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By Renie Cavallari

Aspire just announced an expansion of our Call & Contact Center Division in 2014 to help centers attack the new year with a renewed vision to drive revenues. I asked our call center expert Christine Brosnahan for her top 11 tips to bring your center into the 21st century and see measurable results. Take a look and ask yourself: how many of her tips do you follow?

1. What you focus on comes true: stop seeing your call center as an expense and start managing it as a revenue generating profit center.

2. Content is king. Close the gap between the Internet and your CRS. Your agents should be a search engine. Give them the answers people are looking for.

3. Are your agents conversion-focused? Give them structure that gets customers to buy.

4. You have the resources: re-evaluate your call flow management.

5. Associates know your KPIs. Teach them how to personally impact them.

6. Your people know how to hear. Make sure you teach them how to listen.

7. People buy from people they like. Train your agents to proactively connect with the customer.

8. Do your agents know how important they are? With every close, kids are fed, rent is paid, and jobs are secured.

9. Know your people. Use skilled-based routing to pair customer wants with agent strengths.

10. Supervisors need coaching too: leadership is a behavior, not a position.

11. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Call centers stimulate loyalty and customer acquisition. It takes less than 5 seconds of talk time.

To learn more about evolving your call & contact center, download Aspire’s free guide on the 21st Century Call Center. To hear how Aspire can help you ignite your call center revenues and profitability, email me at

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