WASHINGTON (November 18, 2022) — U.S. visa wait times now average a staggering 400+ days for first-time visitor visa applicants in the largest countries for inbound travel. This creates a de facto travel ban that hurts potential visitors abroad and businesses here in the United States.

To put this burden into perspective, check out 10 things a traveler could do in the time it will take them to get a visa to visit the U.S.:

While there are many productive things one could do in 400 days, U.S. Travel believes a years-long wait for a visitor visa is simply unacceptable. U.S. Travel will continue to elevate the issues surrounding excessive visa wait times with its forthcoming “They Wait, We Lose” activation, launching the week of November 28. This effort will include a custom website, in English and other languages, to capture the perspectives of potential visitors as well as U.S. businesses. It will also be featured on social media across multiple platforms using the hashtag #TheyWaitWeLose.

Please click here to see U.S. Travel’s fact sheet on visitor visa wait times, which includes policy solutions to lower wait times and accelerate processing—so visitors can travel to the U.S. in less time than it would take to go to Mars.

Please click here to see a text version of the infographic list.