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How Google Reviews Is Crushing TripAdvisor

April 9, 2019

By Vikram Singh An interesting trend has been brewing in the travel business. Quietly but surely, Google Reviews has been expanding their online review market...

Hotel CRM Reality Check

November 27, 2018

By Vikram Singh On January 20, 2017, I booked a hotel in Seville, Spain. That is also the day that Meliá Hotels & Resorts got my email address. The...

The Ultimate Guide to TripAdvisor for Hotels

September 4, 2018

By Vikram Singh When TripAdvisor was founded in February 2000 in a small office above Kostas Pizza on 315 Chestnut Street in Needham, Massachusetts, I...

Is Your Hotel Booking Engine Destroying Your Profitability?

April 16, 2018

By Vikram Singh Almost every other day, I see a headline about the latest trend that is going to have a massive impact on hotels and travel. Some might even...

Use Hotel Website Content to Increase Your Revenue

October 12, 2017

By Vikram Singh Contrary to what you might have heard, people still read. We read quiet a lot actually, but much of our reading has moved over to a screen...

Last Click Attribution Is Killing Your Hotel Marketing Campaigns

May 9, 2017

 By Vikram Singh Marketing success today can be measured using many diverse metrics. Analytics programs let you measure everything from who and where...

The Shrinking Value of Hotel Loyalty Programs

March 29, 2017

By Vikram Singh My work revolves around travel. Every night away from home is spent at a hotel or Airbnb property. I was recently asked about my hotel...

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Hotels

March 1, 2017

By Vikram Singh Hotel email marketing has become more important than ever. The cost of click- and impression-based marketing on search engines and...

BookingSuite: A Lesson in Direct Revenue Strategy

October 19, 2016

By Vikram Singh Throughout my career in revenue optimization for the hospitality and travel industry, I have always stressed the importance of owning your...

Hotel Website Design and Usability: Top 10 Mistakes

August 9, 2016

By Vikram Singh Hotel website design, like any kind of design, is subjective. Nothing is more painful than a website design “discussion”...

Dinosaur Metrics Are Taking a Bite Out of Your Hotel Marketing Performance

May 4, 2016

By Vikram Singh Marketing is evolving as I am typing this sentence. I’m here to make sure you are not wasting your time, energy and marketing...

Do You Really Need a Separate Brand for Millennials?

March 1, 2016

By Vikram Singh Almost every other week, there is an article about how hotels are trying to “embrace” the Millennial traveler. Basically,...

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