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Your Wi-Fi Is Hot!  Better Get a Cold Drink out of the Minibar

June 26, 2017

Most minibar installations today are cutting the cables and going wireless. Minibars have officially become unplugged.  It’s about time!  Many...

Facts About Minibars in 2017 - They’re Back!

June 22, 2017

Today’s minibars are highly sophisticated and advanced. Hoteliers are always looking for additional sources of income and profit for the...

Minibar Systems Releases Major Global Software (S3) Upgrade for SmartCube Automated Minibars

June 15, 2017

SmartCube, the world’s most popular fully automated minibar gets a major upgrade. The long awaited next generation version of Minibar Systems award...

Minibars Are Heating up for 2017 as Hotels Seek to Increase Incremental Guestroom Revenue

June 14, 2017

What’s the new trend in Minibars these days?  Outsourcing (Let the experts do it) Many smaller to mid-sized hotels (200-400+ rooms) in several key...

Wireless SmartTrays Drive Guestroom Impulse Sales to All Time High

June 9, 2017

Minibar Systems, one of the world’s leading hospitality supply companies is pleased to announce new wireless automatic SmartTrays to drive guestroom...

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