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Leveling the Data Field: How Hotels Can Compete with Better Data Access

December 4, 2017

By Margaret Ady Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods took over the business news this fall. A behemoth retailer acquiring a well-known but much...

Analysis to Action: The Smart Way Independent Hotels Can Manage Distribution

November 21, 2017

By Margaret Ady You’ve surely heard before that the big brand investment in direct booking campaigns trickles down to independents (by way of...

How to Keep the Heart of Your Hotel Beating

September 18, 2017

By Margaret Ady Julia Child called the kitchen "the beating heart of the household." Cooking is essential to our lives. Though we can get away with...

No More Spaghetti: Where Hotel Technology Must Go in 2017

January 17, 2017

By Margaret Ady       A fly on the wall of a conversation about hotels and technology will almost invariably hear the word silos. How are...

Lessons Learned From Building a Chatbot

August 2, 2016

By Margaret Ady Build a chatbot in a day? Challenge accepted. Since April, when Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook Messenger’s platform,...

How Hotels Can Stay Competitive in 2016

January 20, 2016

Mobile bookings are the name of the game this year. As is making the travel research and purchase process as simple and visually appealing as possible. When it...

2016, We’re On To You

December 14, 2015

by Margaret Ady What Hotels Need to Know to Prepare for the Year Ahead in Digital Marketing The past year was a wild and successful ride for the hotel...

Interactive Online Advent Calendar Provides Hotels with Top Travel Trends & Insights

December 1, 2015

TrustYou releases third annual interactive ‘Advent calendar’, providing daily travel trends, tips and insights throughout December. Munich,...

Embracing Startup Culture Values To Succeed in Hospitality

August 26, 2015

by Margaret Ady Working at a tech startup with many hotel clients, I’ve noticed first hand that while the startup environment is fundamentally very...

Go Ahead, Reach Out: Hotel Surveys Increase Review Scores & Volume

August 4, 2015

By Margaret AdyA hotelier once expressed resistance to me regarding post-stay guest surveys; he said it risked the hotel becoming a nuisance. Of course, he was...

Path to Travel Purchase: Bouncing Between & OTAs

July 15, 2015

By Margaret Ady Understanding and attributing each step in the traveler’s path to purchase is the Holy Grail of hotel marketing and revenue...

Greece, Google, & Good Content

July 7, 2015

by Margaret AdyOver the weekend I decided to plan a big, belated birthday trip, and the world really is my oyster. I have no one else to compromise with on...

Business Travelers Don’t Like Your Hotel. Here’s Why

July 23, 2014

​by Margaret Ady After flying all day (or night), the last thing a business traveler wants is to check in to a sub-par hotel. This vocal group is looking for...

Tips To Increase Mobile Conversion Rates With Travel Reviews

July 17, 2014

By Margaret AdyIn 2014, approximately 40% of leisure travelers and 35% of business travelers will use mobile search engines to find hotels, and this number...

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