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HVS Market Pulse: Palm Springs & Desert Cities

February 16, 2018

By Luigi Major The Coachella Valley extends for approximately 45 miles in Riverside County and comprises the following nine cities: Palm Springs, Rancho...

Top 6 Hotel Success Factors

August 29, 2017

By Luigi Major What makes some hotels more successful than others? It is true that the selection of a site, market, brand, and management team are...

HVS Key Takeaways: Hotel Opportunities in Latin America (HOLA) 2016

June 1, 2016

By Luigi Major The 2016 HOLA conference roused both enthusiasm and caution for Latin America’s hotel industry. Major markets benefit from their...

Four Key Takeaways | Meet the Money 2015

May 19, 2015

By Susan Furbay, Li Chen and Luigi Major Hoteliers and financiers met in Los Angeles to discuss the pitfalls and possibilities for U.S. hotel investment as...

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