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Hospitality Leadership Solutions Series: Embrace Charisma, Not Stoicism

October 19, 2018

By: James Houran, Ph.D., Dallas | Keith Kefgen, New York Noted hospitality thought leaders and corporate governance/ performance management...

The ‘Hack’ Leaders Should Use in Today’s Quagmire of Ambiguity

October 16, 2018

By James Houran, Ph.D., Dallas Common sense dictates that the more information people have the more informed decisions they will make. This reasoning...

Hospitality Leadership Solutions Series: Is Self-Confidence Friend or Foe?

September 19, 2018

By James Houran, Ph.D. and Keith Kefgen Noted hospitality thought leaders and corporate governance/ performance management experts Kefgen and “Dr....

Talking Environmental Psychology and Guest Experience with Aesthetics Expert Elizabeth Weiner

February 7, 2018

By James Houran All people and places give off “vibes.” Forming impressions of other people depends on much more than what we consciously see or...

Why ‘Heart and Soul’ Is Also a Strength in Leadership

December 4, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D., Dallas and Keith Kefgen, New York One of the most difficult and humbling things for us human beings is to admit we don’t...

Excuses are For Losers: Leadership Involves Pressure and Personal Sacrifice

October 27, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D., Keith Kefgen Behind every failed leader is an excuse. In our experience studying and working with global leadership in the...

Isn’t “Success” the Ultimate Sign of a True Leader?

April 28, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D. “Pay for performance” models dominate today’s compensation schemes, a fact that seems to say implicitly that...

Introducing the “Psychometric SWOT” Exercise for Effective Team Development

March 23, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D. and Chris Mumford Growth. Expansion. Development. Progression. These words translate in a business sense to an increase in...

Hasn’t the “Great Man or Woman” Leader Profile Been Debunked as a Myth?

March 13, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D. and Keith Kefgen Speaking to executive teams, conference attendees and individual leaders throughout 2016, we received many questions...

The Sad Side of Valentine’s Day – What the Hospitality Industry Should Know

February 21, 2017

By: James Houran, Ph.D. To the service-hospitality industry, holidays like Valentine’s Day often make a positive contribution to a company’s...

Nominee for “2016 Hospitality Leader of the Year”

January 18, 2017

By: James Houran, Ph.D. | Keith Kefgen | Chris Mumford The past year was full of compelling events and personalities within the hospitality industry, and...

Servant Leadership Means Making Kindness a Daily Routine

December 22, 2016

Authored By: Keith Kefgen and James Houran, Ph.D. Viewed through the prism of leadership maturity, there’s a difference among the terms: accessible,...

Resolving the Founder – Private Equity Dilemma

April 11, 2016

By: David Mansbach, CCP | James Houran, Ph.D. Many of the restaurant industry’s brightest young brands are seeking private equity partners in a search...

Gaming The System: A Story on Entrepreneurship, Personal Development & Risk

November 17, 2015

By James Houran, Ph.D. and Keith Kefgen As a global advisory firm, we constantly meet new and interesting professionals. Occasionally some...

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