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Limited and Select Service Hotels: 5 Ways Your Front Desk Staff Can Increase Direct Bookings and Cut Distribution Costs

January 15, 2019

By Doug Kennedy Like all segments of the hotel industry, limited and select service hotels are seeing distribution costs eating away at top-line profits. Of...

Continuing Professional Development for Housekeepers

January 2, 2019

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( While new legislation is emerging from all corners of the world to better safeguard workers, and more...

Doug Kennedy Announces Updates to Program for Front Desk Staff to Become “Certified in the Heart of Hospitality”

December 18, 2018

Doug Kennedy, who is the President of Kennedy Training Network, Inc., (KTN) says “Now more than ever, your guests’ experience at the front desk...

How Engaged Are Your Employees?

December 5, 2018

By Jana Love When evaluating an employee’s performance, it is also important to reflect on how they are being treated. The way in which an employee is...

Giving Thanks Isn’t Just “Thank You”

November 21, 2018

By Katie Scheer It's an obvious and fitting time of year to discuss "giving thanks." It's certainly a time of reflection as we pause and...

Necessary Adjustments for an Aging Frontline Team

November 14, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( With millennials now the largest demographic in terms of spending power, a key focus for most hotels...

Training, Maintaining & Elevating Top Hotel Revenue Management Talent

November 6, 2018

By Paul Van Meerendonk Remember that whiz kid in reservations? He had grown up with computers and seemed able to fly around the property management...


October 26, 2018

By Jana Love As we wrap up the third step in the Sales Process Series, your number one goal in sales is to gain commitment from the customer....


October 2, 2018

By Jana Love Are you ready to explore the next significant step of building a successful sales conversation? Knowing the steps to take to move the call along...

Ongoing Training Is the New Normal

September 5, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( As hoteliers continue to search for operational efficiencies and new technologies that reveal...

5 Customer Service & Sales Steps to Success

August 22, 2018

By Katie Scheer You only get out of it what you put into it. So how much effort are you putting into making sure that your customer service and sales...

Five Important Considerations When Selecting a Learning Environment

July 26, 2018

Leesburg, Virginia, July 2018 … The National Conference Center, the award-winning conference center and one of the nation’s largest...

Staying Aware of New Housekeeping Legislation

July 18, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( The housekeeping department more often than not represents the heart of a hotel’s operations as a...

All Guest Services Staff Should Love Guests’ “Buts”

May 14, 2018

By Doug Kennedy Each month I get to travel the world and present 6 – 8 training workshops, many of which are for frontline staff.  It is a career I...

Using Microlearning and Training Tech to Boost Team Morale

November 15, 2017

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( Making guests happy is a noble pursuit for any hotel as we all know this translates into higher...

Can We Control Our Own Fate? Hospitality Education and Corporations Will Have to Change Significantly

October 3, 2017

By Georges Panayotis In a world where nothing is permanent except change, success is built each day. And in order to do that, the world of education and...

HMBookstore Expands Distribution of Online Training and Education Courses for Hotel/Restaurants With New National Sales Agent Program

August 24, 2017

Scottsdale, AZ (August 24, 2017) – HMBookstore, the leading source of online training and education courses for hotels and restaurants, today announced...

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