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Corporate Governance: Why Independent Audit Committees Matter

May 15, 2018

By Dr. Cédric Poretti Corporate governance has been a hot topic for many years in the US and Europe as corporations, whether in finance or the...

The Impact of Terror on Europe’s Hotels

May 14, 2018

By Thomas Emanuel How have hotel markets in Europe reacted to terror attacks over the past three years? Tragically, Europe has endured multiple...

Restaurant Revenue Management Practices: Altering Customer Perceptions

May 10, 2018

By Dr. Reza Etemad-Sajadi Revenue management is all about pricing strategies to allocate the right capacity to the right customer, at the right place, at the...

Video: How Critical are Millennials for Hotel Brands?

May 7, 2018

By Stuart Pallister The topic of millennials and hospitality was featured in a panel session during the 9th Young Hoteliers Summit at Ecole...

What’s the Value of Hotel Loyalty Programs?

May 4, 2018

By Stuart Pallister While hoteliers grapple with how to win over that ‘notoriously disloyal’ generation, the millennials, what’s the value...

How Much of a Threat to Hotels Is Airbnb?

May 3, 2018

By Dr. Inès Blal with Co-Authors Dr. Manisha Singal and Dr. Jonathan Templin Since the entry of Airbnb into the hospitality industry in...

Much Ado About Millennials and Hospitality

May 2, 2018

By Stuart Pallister Go to a hospitality conference or forum these days and the topic of millennials is likely to crop up, and more so at the Young Hoteliers...

Exploring Niche Markets in Hospitality: Seizing Untapped Opportunities

May 1, 2018

By Dr. Meng-Mei Maggie Chen Distribution challenges for the hotel industry include the rising cost of customer acquisition, the ownership of customer...

Young Hoteliers Summit: Rankings Report Reveals Major Trends in the Industry

April 30, 2018

The YHS Rankings, a rating survey conducted by the Young Hoteliers Summit catches each year the latest trends in the hospitality industry by interviewing...

Why Not List Your Hotel on Airbnb?

April 19, 2018

Ever since Barry Manilow's drummer, David Rozenblatt, convinced Airbnb to start renting out whole properties in 2010, it has been technically possible for...

5 Ways to Build Soft Skills in Hospitality

April 9, 2018

A classroom can teach you hard skills that will help you land your first hospitality job. What's much harder to teach — and ultimately necessary to...

The Evolution of the Booking Journey

March 29, 2018

By David Gabriele We’ve all done it… We’ve all stayed at a beautiful hotel, visited an amazing destination, or eaten delicious food...

Are You Marketing to Your Guests’ Five Senses?

March 28, 2018

Sensory marketing has been used by some of the world’s biggest brands for decades. 35 percent of Fortune 500 companies have adopted some form of...

What Do Young Hoteliers Look for in Their Career?

March 26, 2018

What motivates a recently graduated student to work for an international hospitality brand? If you are unsure about the answer to this question, you might risk...

Protecting the Hotel Brand by Providing ‘Reliable’ Information

March 22, 2018

By Dr. Isabella Blengini and Dr. Giuliano Bianchi Elle Darby may not be a household name but this video blogger does have influence in social media circles...

Brand Building: A More Cost-Effective Way to Raise Your Company’s Profile?

March 21, 2018

By Stuart Pallister When Arnaud Bertrand and Junjun Chen finished their studies at Ecole hôteliere de Lausanne in 2008 they went on to set up HouseTrip,...

The Future Business Model of Hospitality Brands

March 20, 2018

By David Samson The fundamentals for the hospitality industry all point to growth. According to the UN’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO),...

Africa: On a Rollercoaster Ride

March 1, 2018

By Trevor Ward Towards the end of 2017, we witnessed the end of an era (a very long one) in Zimbabwe, as a soft revolution ousted President Robert Mugabe, and...

Women in Leadership: A Rallying Cry

February 19, 2018

By Dr. Sowon Kim The financial services sector has finally begun shedding light on the gender pay gap within the industry, with Citi becoming the first...

M&A in Hospitality: Stick or Twist?

February 15, 2018

By Stéphane Haddad What’s the outlook for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in the hospitality sector in 2018? We saw deals peak a few...

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