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StayNTouch® Announces New Webinar Series: “The Best-of-Breed Power of a Cloud PMS Ecosystem”

January 4, 2018

New webinar series explores how hoteliers can drive revenues and differentiate their hotel concepts via the integration of unique software components into...

Hotel Technology - The Easiest (and Most Costly) Decision is Not to Make a Decision

March 15, 2017

By Jos Schaap CEO, StayNTouch For several years now, we have observed the frustration—sometimes even exasperation—that many hotel executives feel...

CFO/Controller Alert: Hotel SaaS Will Make Your Life Easier

March 2, 2017

Jos Schaap CEO and Founder, StayNTouch A hotel CFO or Controller has a very difficult job in today’s demanding hospitality environment. They not only...

Cloud PMS -  A Safe Bet for Security, Liability and Payments

February 15, 2017

Jos Schaap CEO and Founder, StayNTouch In the hotel industry, nothing is more important than making guests happy. Nothing that is, except keeping them safe....

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