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Brexit Begins: What are the Areas to Watch for Real Estate?

March 29, 2017

by Emily Perryman The long awaited Brexit moment is here. After months of preparation and speculation following June’s vote, the UK is finally...

Facing up to Brexit: How is the UK Faring?

September 22, 2016

By Andrew Burrell Three months on from the surprise Brexit vote, fears of Armageddon have receded as encouraging news on the UK economy helps to keep...

Brexit and Travel: The Risks of a Tourism Downturn in Asia

August 16, 2016

By Larissa Lam and Daniel J Voellm How will Brexit affect UK Tourism? For several years, the term Brexit has become a household name in not only countries in...

BREXIT: Is the UK Still a Favorite Among Asian Investors?

August 16, 2016

by Neasa MacErlean The Brexit vote caused raised eyebrows across Asia but a flow of major private sector deals into the UK from China, Hong Kong, Japan...

Trend Alert: UK Travel Demand to the US Down as a Result of Brexit

July 13, 2016

Initial Impact of Leave Decision Shows UK Travel Demand to the US Down 17.9% in June NASHVILLE, TN (July 13, 2016)  The world took a collective gasp on...

International Visitors to U.S. Down Even Before Brexit

July 5, 2016

WASHINGTON (July 5, 2016)—Inbound travel to the U.S. took a sizable downturn even before Britain narrowly voted to leave the European Union and roiled...

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