For more than 20 years, Visual Matrix has continued to redefine what it means to provide hoteliers with an advanced property management solution. Far more than just offering basic PMS capabilities, Visual Matrix serves as a pioneer in providing the industry with an all-in-one platform that can maximize operational efficiency, property-wide communications and hotel revenues. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Visual Matrix serves the needs of hoteliers in more than 30 countries around the world and is also the leading PMS provider to Best Western Hotels and Resorts. Its industry-leading PMS capabilities include:

VMÔ Cloud and VMÔ Desktop

Recognizing that different hotels have different business needs, Visual Matrix’s advanced PMS services are available as either a desktop or cloud-based platform. Featuring the same core functionalities, VM Cloud further provides hotel staff with the ability to monitor and manage operations from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. With VM Cloud’s intuitive dashboard design, hotel staff can also take productivity one step further with instant and hassle-free access to all PMS functionalities that are essential to running a successful hotel business. Both VM Cloud and VM Desktop further empower front desk staff with providing exceptional guest service, with features that include simplified booking processes and the ability to streamline walk-in guests through a simple booking wizard and integrated ID scanning.

VMÔ Revenue Management Live

Available with both VM Cloud and VM Desktop, Visual Matrix’s Revenue Management Live software ensures that hotels are always booking at optimal rates to maximize profitability no matter what is happening in the market. Unlike some third-party revenue management solutions that only provide rate updates once a day, the Visual Matrix platform automatically checks rates each time a reservation is made, changed or canceled. Also able to stay in full sync with market demand which may require a raising or lowering of rates, Visual Matrix further ensures that hotels can adhere to competitive pricing regardless of any sudden fluctuations in industry performance or local events. With the solution’s advanced historical data analysis capabilities, hoteliers can even forecast projected occupancy in order to seamlessly align operations and property resources accordingly.  It additionally works seamlessly with third-party revenue management systems including BestRev by Best Western, while adding enhanced value and integration opportunities.

VMÔ Mobile

Also included with VM Cloud and VM Desktop is VM Mobile, an innovative feature offering hotel staff task management abilities on-the-go. With just a swipe of their device, employees equipped with VM Mobile can effortlessly adjust rates for either one or several days. Designed to maximize employee productivity, hoteliers can also use VM Mobile to manage housekeeping assignments and even track the productivity of individual housekeeping staff. Without first having to locate a stationary terminal, frontline staff can instantly post new work order requests with accompanying images to ensure a swift and effective response, while maintenance engineers can work those requests by directly reviewing updates in the mobile app.

VMÔ Guest Texting

With its guest text messaging abilities, Visual Matrix ensures that hotels can stay seamlessly connected with their guests at all times during their stay to ensure ongoing satisfaction. Available through the VM Cloud and VM Desktop dashboard, VM Guest Texting includes the ability to automatically send welcome messages to guests with instructions on how to make requests for hotel services. Hoteliers can also automatically notify guests when their room is cleaned and ready for check-in. With automated responses also available in VM Cloud by keyword trigger for common requests, Visual Matrix further ensures that guests always receive a timely response while allowing hotel staff to focus on other responsibilities essential to the hotel stay experience.

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