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/StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

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A Hotel Management Platform that re-imagines the guest and staff experience.

The StayNTouch Platform includes a PMS-overlay optimized for tablet, a mobile solution for guests and now a fully-featured PMS. We improve the hotel stay at every touchpoint.

Rover™ – Untethered Service: Your PMS is now mobile. Free your staff from the front desk.

Zest™ – Guest Smartphone engagement: Service & Convenience in the palm of your guest’s hand. Private Labeled.

Watch your guests. Listen to your guests. They want something different. Meet them where they are. Converse with them where they are already communicating. The New Service means being closer to your guests beyond the front desk and through their personal devices. The StayNTouch toolset helps hoteliers to drive guest loyalty and stay ahead of the competition.

Usability changes everything.

Hoteliers are concerned with design. Afterall, a better experience drives more business. So why settle for hard-to-use hotel software? StayNTouch’s uses good design to lower your costs and engage your guests.

  • Up to 80% reduction in training of staff
  • A consumer-grade interface means staff pick it up and simply know how to use it
  • A design that pushes upgrades and upsells
  • Fully featured yet beautifully designed

About StayNTouch

StayNTouch brilliantly connects guests to hotels. StayNTouch delivers a full Hotel PMS, and PMS Mobile Overlay bring mobility to both hotel staff and guests. Via any tablet or touch device, Guest Service and Housekeeping have mobile access to PMS via a touch-optimized interface. Guests, from their smart phone, can self-check-in and out, view room bill and receive upgrade promotions. StayNTouch dramatically streamlines operations and increases margins, and revolutionizes how the hotels connect and engage their guests and how guests experience their hotels.

StayNTouch is a "Software as a Service" mobile hotel property management system (PMS) company focused on developing solutions that help hotels raise service levels, drive revenues, reduce costs, and ultimately change the way hotels can captivate their guests.

Developed with mobility in mind, the pioneering platform enables hotels to create long-lasting relationships with their guests by delivering personalized service levels that today's guests require. StayNTouch operates on tablets and smartphones, empowering hotel employees to go above and beyond in exceeding guest expectations at every touch point.

Powering over 90,000 rooms globally, our game-changing solution frees hotels from the constraints of legacy or premise systems, dramatically streamlines operations, increases margins, and revolutionizes how front-line staff connects with guests.
StayNTouch is a trusted partner to many of the most forward-thinking hotels, resorts, casinos and chains in the industry, including Yotel, Zoku Amsterdam, Conscious Hotels, Valencia Hotels, The Freehand Hotels, First Hotels, Modus hotels, and the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

StayNTouch was founded in 2013 by Jos Schaap. After their initial investment in StayNTouch in 2016, Shiji Group acquired StayNTouch in 2018.

To learn more watch our video "THE NEW WAY... TO HOTEL!"

Twitter: @StayNTouchInc


LinkedIn: LinkedIn/stayntouch

Contact: Frewoini Golla, Director of Marketing

[email protected] /301-799-3280

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