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The Solutions We Offer at ProSolutions We are a consulting firm who strive to help hospitality companies, such as our customers at Marriott International and Loews Hotels & Resorts, be the best they can be with exceptional customer service and sales processes, all supported by smart pricing. Our key services can be broken down into three categories:

  • Mystery Shopping: Provides a true test of service and sales from your customer’s perspective. We phone, email, or visit your property posing as a customer to assess the skills of your teams. Our evaluations give you detailed descriptions of the interaction and are turn-key training tools that give actionable suggestions for improvement.
  • Pricing: Gives you the insights you need to position your business’ pricing strategically to gain volume and beat out your competition. We obtain the pricing for hundreds of items and services offered at your competitors properties and display them in a detailed spreadsheet for analysis of key opportunities.
  • Training and Certification: Delivers the training you need to transform the customer service and sales experiences your team offers. Our training can be conducted in a wide variety of ways: in person, via webinar or phone, as an eLearning, or in written form. We also formalize our training and standards into comprehensive certification programs, designed to give you and your teams the confidence they have fully internalized the material and are performing at the highest standard. To support these offerings, we can also provide Train-the-Trainer services so your managers can make the most of your investment.

Check out the ProSolutions ProLearning Blog for free customer service tips and training.

Communication at the Core While many things go into making all of the programs we do for our clients a success, we believe they all come down to one thing – communication. Not too much, not too little, and you should always feel up-to-date on your program. And whenever you need anything, we will always jump to respond. “Time is money” may be a cliché, but that’s because it’s true.

Our Process is Flexible Our process for improving customer service is segmented down to three simple, recommended steps to better customer service. Each step supports the others, but we know every business is different, and each component is customized and can be done ad hoc depending on your needs. All projects, regardless of size, will always receive our full dedication and effort.

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About ProSolutions

ProSolutions is a consulting firm focusing on the hospitality industry dedicated to improving the customer experience by helping companies be the best they can be with exceptional customer service and sales processes, all supported by smart pricing.

The company’s solutions center around three areas:  mystery shopping (featuring actionable recommendations with every evaluation), competitor pricing analysis (target pricing opportunities by seeing your pricing compared to your competitors), and training & certification (in-person and/or computer-based training customized to your team and needs).

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