Initially founded as just a reader board service, the Knowland Group has rapidly built up a database of virtually all the group meeting activity occurring in hotels – tens of thousands of events per month, millions of events overall. The Knowland Group was able to see and track the activity of hundreds of thousands of organizations as they spent billions of dollars in hotels.

The database of meeting information became the foundation on which the Knowland Group began to develop additional products and services and we have since grown into one of the largest providers of event and meeting information and services in the world. Our successes and tremendous growth have led us to open offices across the country and around the world. Each location contributes to Knowland’s cutting edge products and services and is staffed by talented, hard-working individuals dedicated to serving our clients.

Now, the Knowland Group offers all the business development software and services hotels need to generate, book, and manage new group business.


We combine powerful field research and lead generation with sales force automation and meetings management, along with the support of an experienced sales team, to offer our clients the entire package.

We also recognize a simple fact: if our clients don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. It’s one of the most basic concepts that came out of how our company began. If we developed products and services that helped our clients close new business, with as little effort as possible on their part, then we would be successful. One of our corporate strategies from the very beginning was that happy and successful clients become enthusiastic and supportive pitch men. This process of word of mouth or organic growth is key to who we are. Without it we could never have expanded and grown into the company we are today in such a short time.


Readers – Online reader board service for the events and meetings industry that delivers verified 8am Comp Set Reports via email the day after events occur

Insight – Hospitality sales leads database and search engine for generating new business opportunities

Target Net – Sales and catering management software to help you manage your meetings from start to finish

Advanced Researcher Profiles – In-depth and up to date information about meeting planning departments to help you sell strategically and secure more bookings

The Event Booking Center – World class hospitality cold callers, appointment setters, and outsourced sales professionals to extend your sales staff