Today’s hotels can rise or fall depending on their ability to cater to the hyper-connected needs of their guests. With hotel reputations and booking numbers at stake, why leave the performance quality of your internet network and IoT-based services up to chance? Since 2003, Hotel Internet Services (HIS) has dedicated its expertise to serving the specific connectivity needs of the hospitality industry. With years of experience in deploying online-based solutions for both the industry’s largest hotel brands as well as for independent boutique properties, our technicians have the technology and expertise you need to ensure unmatched performance and guest satisfaction.

Latest HIS Innovations:

Hotel Wi-Fi – State-of-the-art Wi-Fi networks by HIS are your key to providing guests with a high-speed and hassle-free experience whether surfing the internet, sending e-mail, shopping online, chatting with friends or co-workers and much more. Our team of expert technicians know precisely what it takes to deliver a fast and strong Wi-Fi signal throughout all hotel areas, regardless of the number of guests or devices connected. At HIS, we also believe in complete transparency with each of our customers, ensuring that you always know exactly what is required to meet guest expectations at every stage of implementation.

All HIS systems and services are continuously monitored for security to ensure data protection and privacy, and are maintained by Hotel Internet Services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With 24-hour access to HIS support, your guests can also swiftly resolve any online troubleshooting concerns while allowing your hotel staff to focus their attention on other services that are essential to guest satisfaction.

BeyondTV – The first fully integrated streaming and screencasting solution purpose-built for the hospitality industry, BeyondTV enables your guests to have a completely personalized entertainment experience right in their very own guestroom. Using just their personal device, guests can instantly cast their own streaming subscriptions including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Amazon Prime and many more without ever having to risk-sensitive login information. Also designed to provide your guests with all-inclusive in-room service, BeyondTV can further be used to enhance social distancing efforts with guests able to view their bill, check-out, request room service, locate hotel amenity details and much more from the safety of their room.

To further guarantee the confidence and trust of your guests, BeyondTV additionally operates on a private network to prevent any potential data theft, with all guest usage information also automatically erased upon guest check-out or with the click of a remote button.

myRemote – The latest feature of BeyondTV, myRemote equips your guests with the latest in in-room contactless functionality to safeguard them from potential germ exposure risks. Available as a downloadable app via QR code or manual registration, myRemote instantly converts your guests’ devices into a safe and convenient interactive portal for controlling all BeyondTV and television functions. Without even requiring a Wi-Fi connection, allow your guests to achieve complete peace-of-mind using myRemote, with contactless abilities that include powering TVs on or off, adjusting volume, switching channels or accessing TV guides. Guests can even change a TV’s language and color background settings, request hotel services or check-out without ever having to visit the front desk or use a guestroom telephone.

BeyondTV GuestCast   An advanced standalone casting solution that, while affordable for hoteliers to implement, provides guests with the ability to securely cast a wide range of personalized content from their own devices onto guestroom televisions. BeyondTV GuestCast is compatible with more than 1,000 mobile-based apps and is significantly designed to provide hoteliers with a seamless implementation and management process, while ensuring ease-of-use for guests. With BeyondTV GuestCast, hotel guests are able to instantly cast their own content hassle-free from personal computers, iOS or Android-based devices. Guests can also rest assured that their sensitive data is never at risk of theft or unintentional sharing, due to GuestCast’s device isolation capabilities that prevent cross-room communication.

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