Guestware® CRM Software is the revolutionary hotel Guest Experience Management system that enables hoteliers to efficiently orchestrate guest experiences in a single application. We call this Welcome Intelligence™ service. The Welcome Intelligence advantage allows for better guest engagement by anticipating guest needs and guaranteeing prompt service, and provides the tools to maintain a high quality facility. The result: you have the information it takes to be in tune with your guests’ every need. That means happier guests.

Behind the scenes, the Welcome Intelligence service delivers actionable information to the right people by complementing and enhancing existing property management systems, hotel operations, and marketing to help hospitality companies share information and realize departmental collaboration-all with the goal of improving the overall hotel guest experience.

Why Guestware?

Guestware’s unique guest recognition system combines the marketing aspects of CRM with the service delivery aspects of a guest response system to provide an integrated guest experience management system that enables you to lower operating costs and increase guest satisfaction at the same time. The synergy from leveraging the same database for both marketing and service delivery provides continuity of the guest experience throughout the lifetime of the relationship. Take a tour of the software!

Optimize the Entire Guest Experience

  • Targeted Guest Marketing
  • Pre-Arrival Planning
  • Proactive Guest Recognition
  • Perfect Guest Rooms Every Time
  • Exceptional Guest Service
  • Effective Service Recovery
  • More Loyal Customers

Get More Done with Less Effort

  • Eliminate Recurring Problems
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Enhance Guest Satisfaction
  • Expand Revenue Opportunities
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Deploy globally


CRM + Loyalty

Guest Response

Facilities Maintenance


CRM Database

One centralized guest database for marketing and service delivery to enhance the overall hotel guest experience. The flexible data model and integration platform provides the foundation needed to build and maintain a clean guest profile database for recognition and marketing across the hotel portfolio or brand.

Guest Facing Web Portal

Using web services technology based on HTNG standards, software allows for a hotel-branded website to connect to the CRM database in real time. Guests can maintain their profile, update communication preferences, and streamline the entire experience from booking to check-in. This functionality builds loyalty and incentivizes guests to book through the most profitable channel – the hotel website. The portal allows for guests to update their marketing interests and stay preferences so hotels can optimize their entire guest experience – with or without a formal rewards program.

Email Marketing

Software is fully integrated with state-of-the-art email marketing software for campaign management, triggered emails, and robust graphical reporting and ROI analysis. This includes the tools hoteliers need to build sophisticated emails including intuitive content creation tools, survey builders, and content portfolio. Take personalization to the next level by linking subscribers with real-time data including visit history and creative segmentation for targeted campaigns such as pre-arrival, post stay, promotional, and loyalty emails.

Loyalty Program Management

Hotels and brands can create and manage their own fully integrated and branded loyalty program. With integration to many different PMS and CRS programs, Guestware automates the collection of stay history for tracking rewards based on revenue, points, nights, or stays with support for multi-layered combinations, expirations, exclusions, and short-term promotions. Automated guest segmentation can be set up to establish loyalty levels and streamline reward redemption process to make administration easy. Using the Web Portal, guests can sign-up and view their profile, preferences, points, rewards, and opt-in/out of communications.


Guest Recognition

Identify and recognize repeat guests across hotel portfolio and automate pre-arrival recognition to improve the overall arrival experience. Guest profiles are integrated with all of their previous incidents and requests providing more information to impress your repeat guests. Manage local, shared, and global guest preferences to streamline how hotels view and act on preferences to exceed the guest expectations. Also track all guest correspondence in one database including emails, letters, and attached photographs.

Rapid Response

Automate hotel workflow process for dispatching guest requests and problems to improve service. The 2-way messaging streamlines how you communicate work so that staff are held accountable and work more efficiently. The intuitive and fast guest requests entry can be used for any department while automated escalations and the call monitor screen keep ensure timely resolution.

Incident Tracking

Replace manual hotel logbooks and paper trails by tracking every guest incident and resolution. Follow-up on issues before the guest departs to ensure guests are always satisfied- before they fill out a survey. Hotels can also track compensation and link every incident to the guest profile to ensure it never happens again.

Robust Reporting

Consolidated property and enterprise reporting helps hotels make informed decisions about the facility, service delivery, and staff productivity to drive revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and lower operating costs. Automated schedule reports help you pinpoint trends to eliminate recurring problems, manage suppliers, streamline processes, and work smarter.


Engineering Preventative Maintenance

Software allows for scheduling and tracking the hotel’s preventative maintenance plan in order to protect the most important asset – the building. Create configurable check lists and view work order history to make the hotel PM process reliable, robust, and easy.

Housekeeping & Work Orders

Report urgent problems and work orders through the guest room telephone to reduce guest problems. Report multiple problems per call with multilingual support. Robust reporting shows usage and success metrics to create a more efficient work flow and a problem free stay for the guest.

Mobile Inspector

Perform housekeeping or other inspections via smart mobile device. Configure unlimited checklists for public and guest rooms. Define multiple choices or yes/no tasks with weighted scoring. Sync database wirelessly or in-batch via cradle and run reports to show associate performance.


Guestware complements hotel Property Management Systems and Central Reservation Systems by integrating all critical guest information into a single application to enhance the guest experience. This streamlined integration is built on reliable industry standards with proven implementation results. It provides the relevant information for each guest to make one-on-one recognition a reality for every guest, not just for your top guests. This integration lets you streamline arrivals process for recognition, link valued guest revenue and incident history, and quickly see guest placement and room status for scheduling preventive maintenance – all from one simple u4700ser interface.


Most companies promoting Software as a Service (SaaS) typically offer only one hosted solution. Guestware believes customers should be able to select the deployment solution that best fits their needs. That’s why Guestware offers cloud hosting or customer premise installations. The software can be licensed under a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription or traditional perpetual software license. After all, what makes sense for one hotel may not make sense for another.