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GuestTek™ is the world’s largest provider of HSIA and IPTV solutions for the hospitality industry. The company has experienced significant world-wide growth since its acquisition of iBAHN in March 2014. GuestTek’s OneView™ delivers state-of-the-art fully compatible communication services for all your property’s needs. Whether you’re looking to provide Guest Interactive TV, HD Free-to-Guest, IP Telephony, above property Voice Solutions, HSIA, or Mobile Device and Smart Phone Apps, GuestTek offers a robust menu and communications platform for hoteliers, managed from one source. OneView runs on a converged IP network over Ethernet or Coax, and is capable of supporting a wide range of revenue generating applications as well.


GuestTek’s OneView offers a robust menu and communications platform for hoteliers delivering Converged Data, High-speed Internet, HD Video-on-demand, HD IPTV, Voice and Mobile Applications managed from one source. OneView runs on a converged IP network whether Ethernet or Coax based while strengthening your hotel’s brand and supporting a wide range of revenue generating applications.

OneView customers benefit from:

A superior hotel experience that you design specifically for your guests to exceed their expectations for in-room entertainment and communications. Rest easy knowing you can evolve and adapt to stay in tune with current technologies and the changing needs of your guests.

A converged network that is tried and tested to support both front and back-of-house applications. View the status of all your applications via the OneView™ System Dashboard – a real time monitoring tool that allows the hotel to see current and historical guest cases, trouble tickets and network status in real time.

Think and deliver outside the box: leverage the high-impact real-estate of the TV screen to sell and promote services that are important to your business. OneView customers are driving higher F&B revenues, Spa and other activity bookings, and providing their guests with the information that matters to them. And with mobile applications such as our myAway and myAway TV your guest’s can interact with the in-room TVs through their own personal electronic devices.

Simplified management and support of all IP systems provides you and your guests with access to GuestTek’s in-house 24/7 Customer Care ensuring support in English, Spanish and French.

Since 1996, our goal has been to provide a robust infrastructure that delivers a platform for true ‘one-to-one’ marketing, with an extensive product selection, and puts full control of the guest experience in the hands of the hotelier.

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